Trustcont protection Removal


I have a trustcont dvd which contains some flv videos. It doesn’t opens without running a “RunMe.exe” program. Today it says the product is expired, can someone help me in removing this protection?

Let’s start with I haven’t tried this on a trustcont DVD . I don’t have any.
I think this might work though.

First download this:

Then extract the files in it . Although you could use this program alone
to do the DVD rip . Below is a link for the GUI .
You only need one file from this program.
It is “wnaspi32.dll” . You may have one of these somewhere on your OS but this version works best.

Now download:
Paste the “wnaspi32.dll” into the IsoPuzzle folder.

You may need to get PassKeyLite from DVDFab if this DVD is encrypted & have it on.
Or if you have AnyDVD use it.

Last download VirtualCloneDrive from slysoft .
You will mount the .iso with it.
Then copy & paste the files to your harddrive.

You might try IsoBuster instead . It also might need one of the decrypters listed above.

Maybe UnHexaLock is the proper solution. Please take a look at this thread and the contained link:

However, you first have to contact the publisher to obtain an updated copy.
From the Truscont page:

Another protection layer that can be applied to content files is expiration date.
Expiration dates are extremely useful to make sure your customers are using relevant and most up to date documents.
For example, publishers of service manuals, schematics, procedures and other types of documents can make sure that
their field engineers use documents that correspond to the recent systems, spare parts, schematics, etc.
Trying to open a protected content file at any time past the expiration date will display an
error message indicating the file has expired.
A DVD may contain numerous protected files. Each file may have a different expiration date.

This link was posted by Terramex in another thread:

It seems that GoldStar611 attached a couple of zip files.
These are supposed to work. I suggest reading the thread for more information.

I don’t have any discs to test with so I can’t say if this works.