Trust Kprobe?, trust Ritek?

This is my experience…may not be yours.

I use Kprobe to check my dvd burns. I have noticed this on some of Ridata matte printables (G04’s)…junk media…yes, junk. The Ritek 4x I have used have a PI/PO error that is very high over 4gb (or so). I’ve thrown out some unburned silver tops and most of these printables already. Please, if you’re a “Ritekie”, spare me the “I’ve burned 2 million Riteks without a coaster” comments. I’ve never “burned” a coaster either…only tested them as such. I am not a Ritek expert…can’t afford it…I’ve wasted enough time and money on the silver tops and printables. Other types may be fine…I am impressed with the low PI/PO error on the good parts.

Anyway, here is a 3.7gb burn on my A06, f/w 1.07 hacked (note: I have slightly higher, but similar results with my Liteon, which is on a totally different system):

Normally, this would constitute a good disk…In my case, it’s crap. See this (ignore the vertical lines - shadows…I have a suggy old scanner):

My older GE standalone chokes like a gloryhole first-timer at that location. Notice the die thinning (dark circular band)…Kprobe shows PI error rising slightly at this location. The funny thing is that the dvd plays fine at the end (where the PI error is about the same). My standalone is picky about media, but not this picky.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: Kprobe is a good quick check, but the only true way to tell is to watch it on your standalone. Also, a close visual check of your media before and after you burn wouldn’t hurt.

Yea, I agree, Riteks are too variable, and IMHO, they suck. I got a batch of Ritek R01 discs to play around with (they were dirt cheap), and they exhibit the same dye inconsistency (a darkened ring, just like yours), which is rather obvious on a visual inspection–this is both before and after burns. They do scan well, and they work fine (except for the first disc I burnt, but then again, that one was oversped from 2.4x to 8x ;)) on my computer (don’t have any standalones), but I don’t trust 'em. I’m using my Riteks for the not-so-important stuff (instead of burning up my good Fuji Ricohs) and saving my stockpile of Fuji Ricohs for important things like data backup. :slight_smile:

Yeah…I can say that I like Ricoh’s…very good results with Memorex, Maxell and TDK RicohJPN’s…

Kprobe is completely reliable, when used appropriately.

The big unknown for PI/PO rates is whether higher rates will correlate with a higher instance of degradation over time. Common sense says “yes”, as we have learned with CDR’s. But we won’t know for sure till people start reporting loss of data. :sad:

But you can still assume that lower error rates are better, and even the best G04 media is only “average” for error rates when compared to good Ricoh, MCC and even CMC on some burners.

So whatever your own burner likes, (as indicated by lower errors), is what you should use.

Ritek is easily the most over-rated media on the planet. They got the good reputation when DVD-R was the only thing available, and 90% of it was crap. Things have changed, happily. :iagree:

i got this bands on most media (70%) i tried with my first liteon 451S after 2 months of use. It wasn´t the media, but the burner. After Exchange all is ok now. Try burning them with your litey instead of your nec…

There were bands in my discs before burning. And these were RiData-branded discs.

Appreciate the feedback…

@rdgrimes - I agree, Kprobe doesn’t lie. My player is mostly to blame. I haven’t tested as much media as you, but quite a lot. The objective of my post wasn’t to bash Kprobe or Ritek as much as it was to prove that Kprobe testing is not necessarily conclusive in all scenarios.
I actually consider myself lucky for having such a non-ECMA compliant player to do some real-life testing on. Based on Kprobe results, I have found the best media for use in this standalone. I now use Maxell printables (MXL), Fuji Branded TY’s, and RicohJPN’s with constistantly good (and full 4.38gb) playback.

@Hannes2k - This one was burned on my Pioneer, btw. Out of the 20 or so burns on this particular spindle, I have noticed this on 3 disks. Faintly on a fourth one, that was burned on my Liteon. This disk seems to playback fine though.
I do have 2 disks left that I will burn with my Liteon and my NEC to see if I can achieve similar results. The last (bottom spindle) ones show the issue more distinctly.