I have a USB Flash Drive containing a software. The software works only if the UFD is connected to the computer. I want to duplicate the UFD, that I will have a copy at home & at work.
The prob. is that the UDF is protected by TrusCont company. When I plug in the UFD, it creates a virtual CD drive with the content of the software.
I try to use all kinds of imaging / cloning programs, but non of them recognizes the UDF as a UDF… only as a CD drive, which enables me only to copy it’s content.
Any suggestions?

I’m afraid I don’t understand your problem. If you are able to copy the content, what prevents you from copying that content to your hard drive and then back to another usb flash drive?

The software probably checks if the USB is connected to the computer.
The older version of the software came on a DVD, and I’ve managed to clone the dvd using DaemonTools (using the .mdx special cloning. When I used the regular .iso cloning, the software recognized that it’s not the original DVD).
But now it comes only on a USB Flash Drive, and emulates a CD drive automatically (I don’t think it’s a S3).
What I need is somehow to clone the USB bit-to-bit (.RAW etc.) (If I won’t be able to bypass the protection, I don’t care to connect the duplicated UFD at work…). The problem is that no cloning software recognizes the UFD as a UFD, only as a CD. and cloning it like that - doesn’t copy the automatic cd emulation… When I start the software - it tells me to connect the original UDF…
So, either cracking the protection - meaning bypassing the checking the software makes, or managing to reach the UDF behind the CD emulation…
Any suggestions?

Try looking here and here.

I already saw it. My prob. is different.
I don’t have a problem to copy the software from the usb drive. The thing is that the software (.exe file) checks every few minutes if the USB Flash Drive is connected to the computer or not. If it’s not - it exits.
what I wanted to do is to duplicate the UDF and use it at home.
The prob. is that I don’t manage to duplicate…
The UFD is recognized as a CD drive (probably manufactured as such, meaning - hardware. The recognition code it ‘sends’ to the computer is as a CD). So no prog. is able to access the USB level. When I try to duplicate the UDF as a CD (to create an .ISO file) - All the software I’ve tried got stuck!
What I need is one of both:

  1. A way to bypass the CD level. I’m not sure if it’s possible, cause maybe it’s hardware.
  2. Make the software ‘think’ that the UDF is connected.
    Any ideas…? I’m really stuck!