True that if i use the cd rom it may burn my ps



like 1 month ago i was looking for a ps2 slim chip, i went to search in a place and the guys told me that they only had swap magic 3.6, however i wanted to play 3 games from ps1 (final fantasy vii, viii and ix) so i told the guys that i was going to buy a chip instead and they told me that they can give me the cd rom to read em (swap magic 3.6 cd rom) but that they usually dont give it because it may burn my ps2, i decided to buy the swap magic cd rom and dvd the guy told me that he had to open my ps2 slim to modify something which he did.

After that, i bought some ps2 games including one CD ROM game (not dvd) and i dont want to play it because im afraid it could burn my ps2 slim…

I wanted to know if its true that if i use the cd rom it may burn my ps, and why they had to modify something because i read that with those cds you dont need to modify anything in ur ps.

Also… soon ill be getting final fantasy vii original from a friend but late or early ill have to give it back and wanted to know if i can copy it to a DVD (final fantasy vii consist of 3 cds that u have to pass one by one and need to swap after a certain point) or to 3 dvds instead of 3 cds roms so i dont have to use the SWAP MAGIC CD ROM (i dont want to take the risk of losing my ps2)

the reason of that is because i think they lied and SWAP MAGIC CD ROM doesnt read ps1 cds, only ps2 cds so i wanted to know if i can burn the game to dvds and play it

thanks guys


AFAIK, this is not allowed. :rolleyes:



Discussing any duplication of copyrighted material is strictly against Forum rules and may result in a permanent ban from the Forums.


Wrong. Making a backup of stuff you own is OK according to Forum Rules, makeing copies of games/software borrowed from a friend is not. I believe that is the part chef is referring to. :wink:


Thanks. I stand corrected there. The OP is trying to copy something that wasn’t really his to begin with - which is, indeed, “stealing” (and stealing is illegal). This correlates with the “fair use” copyright laws in most countries.


i imagined i was getting an answer like that…

however there are two questions that can still be answered…

Its true that if i use the cd rom it may burn my ps?
Why they had to modify something because i read that with those cds you don’t need to modify anything in your ps?

btw, i want to buy ff7 ff8 and ff9 original games but these aren’t produced anymore so i just wanted to copy em… i would like to know the answer to my questions if possible… and if not, sorry for making the post,just wanted to try, i tought this could be the best place to answer that…


You might find them on ebay!

I seen lots of people use it with out any problems. there might be a chance but it would be very slim.

Most of the people using SWAP MAGIC CD ROM have modified there PS2 so it’s easier to use

PS CD’s you own your self can be backed up, most people used to use Nero or CloneCD the nets full of tutorials on how to do it. You can find the info on some of the PS sites :slight_smile:


thanks for the answers