True Plextor burners not, rebadges

Can anyone recommend a decent internal (True) Plextor cd/dvd burner in a $150.00 budget range? Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

The true Plextor drives are no longer in production. The last true Plextor drives were the 755 and the 760.

I read that elsewhere also Thanks. what’s considered some of the good brands/models that are available to choose from now anyone? I know I’ve owned some units that had problems where they rejected +R Discs when trying to burn sure don’t want another like that. :bigsmile: Thanks for all suggestions! :slight_smile:

If you are looking for burn quality without fuss, you need to be looking at the Pioneer 117/217 series, if you can still find them, or the Optiarc 7200 or 7240 series drives.

Don’t get fooled into buying a newer Plextor drive, as the are just Optiarc or Lite-On rebadged drives, for twice the price. The newer Pioneer drives (118 series) are also rebadged.

shame on PLEXTOR
PLEXTOR drives are lottery.