True or False? SHW-160P6S doesn't work well with DVD-R?

I’d preferably like to use DVD-R media but I was wondering if the SHW-160P6S doesn’t like reading/writing to DVD-R media.

A) WHy -R? Any particular reason?

B) As a rule, L-O drives have been better with +R discs, but the 160P6S, 165P6S and 165H6S have been excellent all round drives. Feed it some quality -R, eg. Verbatim, TY, Maxell MIJ, Sony… you shouldn’t have issues.

Well from my experience it seems to burn about equally with both +R and -R media, so no you shouldn’t have any problems.

I have a 165H6S and it works awesome with my Verbatim DVD-R. In fact, it can read DVD-RW’s that neither of my BenQ’s can read.

Where do rumors like this get started?

works fine for both DVD+R and DVD-R for me

If you go back to the earlier 4x and 8x generations of LiteOn burners, they were generally better and faster at burning DVD+R than DVD-R media. So it was at least somewhat true in the past.

I burn far more DVD+R media than DVD-R media, but I haven’t noticed any difference in burn quality between the two formats on my LiteOn drives.

There was a bug with the DVD-R lead-in with earlier firmware for the 6S series drives, so it’s important to get a fairly new firmware for the 160P6S.

I don’t remember which firmware version fixed this bug.

PS0A firmware for the 160P6S solved the DVD-R lead-in problem.

Thanks for the explanation, Drage.

It looks as if the 160/165 truly is the sweet spot right now for Lite-On drives then, eh?

mine does great with sony branded tyg03, and even better with tyg02 :iagree:

All the LiteOns I’ve used have done -R better than any of my other burners. The others seem to do better with +R, so I save the -Rs for the Liteys.

Trust me to have strange drives :wink:

I think I may end up buying another one of these 160/165 series Lite-On Drives cause they do seem to read about EVERYTHING I throw at the one I have. Might have to retire one of the BenQ’s. I recent gave away my Pioneer 106, so it may be time to snag another drive.

I wouldn’t buy another one of the Lite-On drives if I did not feel comfortable with how well it handled DVD-R/RW, since that is what I primarily focus on in my day to day burning.