True Image 10 from Acronis


I have friends who were very satisfied with the version 9 of Acronis True Image and they strongly suggest it.
There is a new version 10 for True Image.
Since new software versions are sometimes problematic, it is hard for me to convince myself to get the new version 10.
Anybody here have tried both and can compare for advice?


Yes I have just updated ( cost 49.99 ) It is not a free upgrade but it has so many differnt tools it is hard to explain here. If you check out their website you will see the changelog. I make it a habit to backup my system drive weekly, so this program gets alot of use here, V9 might do all you need, you have to make that call yourself, but if you want my advice it is always better to have the most up to date appliocations with MS changing OS and other things I always want my apps to be compatible.

I agree in general with Alan…I think he knows a heap more than me anyway…
I had v9, and it was the German language version…I found it a bit of a bitch to figure out how to use it (even with printed English guides to check with).
Just a few days ago I upgraded to v10 after an email exchange with the Acronis dudes in Germany. They very kindly allowed me to download the full v10 for the price of the upgrade.
How well it works I have yet to find out…but the reports so far seem to be good.

after giving up on driveimage7 when symantec bought it to merge into ghost2003.

i used acronis ti8 for ages, then 9.0 came out which was really bad, but 9.1 is great again (currently using b3666), i expect 10 is just the home version for now right, not enterprise server?

acronis were the first people to get support for fedora’s ext3 extensions (around fc3?) and i’ve never seen a partition it couldn’t handle - i regularly use jfs, xfs, ext3, fat32 and ntfs.

The trial version for ten worked great for me. I had a friend who I helped replace a hard drive with a larger one and we used westerner Digital program that came with the drive to move the info from the old drive to the new one. There program move everything but programs like american greetings creatacard would not work and since broderbund had this program set up so you could not reload it without going to there site, and they are nolonger supporting this program she lost the use of the program. I downloade true image 10 and used it to clone the old hard drive to the new one and every program worked. It is a program I have not purchased yet but only use the trial when I need to do this for someone but I am thinking about it since it does such a great job of tranfering the info for old drive to new one.

What broderbund is doing to customers who paid for cd copies of the program American greetings creatacard should be illegal. You pay for a program then you should be able to reinstall it anytime you need to.

I’ve been using V8 for some time and am totally pleased with it’s performance and accuracy, with well over 200 restores I never lost a file.

Looking at V10 I see it will support Windows Vista, good planning on their part.
As far as media is concerned, it indicates it supports DVD’s as a backup source, but does not confirm it will work with DVD dual layer disks where you can store almost twice the capacity of a single layer.
Anybody know if it will work with DL disks?

Yes from what I have read if your burner supports it so will the program.

I’d stick with 9 until after Vista.

Or, go purchase an OEM copy of Norton Ghost 2003. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Alan for the info. I thought perhaps if the program saw the files were over 4.7 gigs that it would not go forward with the backup.
Of course this would only hold true if selecting DVD media as the target.


I always do my backups with the recovery CD-

Backup to an external hard drive-

It allows you to set the size of the backup in DVD compatable size - which you can then burn the DVD’s with your DVD burning program from the saved hard drive files-eh!

Just to mention if you register and download the free v. 7 (as detailed in this recent thread here), then you are offered the chance to upgrade to v. 10 for $29.99. Normally if you go straight to the Aconis site it’s $34.99.

May be worth acquiring at this price now, if only to keep unused and get the free updates later when it’s more stable?

Anyway; kudos to you guys in the Bargain Basement for the heads-up on all these deals… :flower:

Hi alan1476 :slight_smile:

Could you please tell me if you have ever tried to restore an image of your active partition from within Windows ? That is what i always do, and then just after the task has started, then you get a warning message about you needing to press OK to reboot the system for the task to complete. This works perfectly in v9.0.3677, but in v10.0.4871, then when the warning message comes up, and i press OK to reboot, then the app just hangs instead of rebooting the system. Also rebooting the system myself manually dosen’t help either. I am pretty sure that it works if i just use the rescue disc instead for restoring, but i just prefer to do it without loading a disc everytime.

Also, could you please tell me if anything happens when you select the link for making a rescue disc from within the main screen of the app, since that also didn’t work for me, and when i selected the link, then nothing happens.

Finally, there have been many reports about the new outlock email backup system also dosen’t work, but i never use that anyway, but if you do, then does it work right for you ?

Sorry for dropping all these questions on you, but i am just curious about if the new release is working perfectly for you, as it sounds like you are doing fine with it, but unfotunetly, i myself had to revert back to v9.0.3677 mainly because of the restore problem, but also as i only make images and restore them, and nothing more, and in that case, then there really isn’t any difference for me between using v10 or v9 + the app has gotten it’s size about doubled, because of all the features that i personally don’t need.

thank’s in advance :slight_smile:

I am not Alan, (but I do know him); I just used version 10 to create a backup and then from within XP did a restore of my active partition © and got the reboot request and the program did reboot the system and complete the restore flawlessly.

I also created the emergency boot disc from within windows to check that out and it also worked as it should.

You might want to uninstall run a reg cleaners and then reinstall and see if that irons out the problem.

Hope this helps.

Dear Martin:
Kipper has used this new version much more than I have already. What I have done has worked flawlessly as Kipper has said but then I only backed up my Hard drive to disc.

Hi The Kipper :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your reply. Before i installed v10, then i uninstalled v9, removed the empty directory, did a reg clean + general clean(CCleaner), and then installed v10. Then as i had problems, then i reinstalled v10 following the same procedure as described before, and it still was the same. I did the clean reinstall once more, and finally gave up. I can see from the ATI forum, that some people experience no problems at all, and then many others have problems. I am very anal about holding my system partition in perfect shape and always run cleaning apps after i uninstall programs and i usually restore my system back about every 14 days, and only have the apps installed that i actually use, so i have only maybe 20 different apps installed. Anyway, thank’s again for trying to help me out, mate - i really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your reply, mate :slight_smile:

@ Martin,

Sorry to hear that you are still having problems with Acronis. I do recollect that I did have problems with version 8, maybe 9 when it first came out on an old PC (HP brand) and for the life of me could not get it to perform. Once I replaced the motherboard in that PC which came with an MSI board made for HP the program worked perfectly. I do not know for sure if it was the motherboard, bios, or what ever. Just a thought, so maybe it is something hardware related.

Please post back and let us know when you get it figured out, I am sure you can not be the only person with this problem and your fix will be appreciated for sure.

Norton Ghost 2003 OEM - Full Product - $17.99 at the Pricegrabber Storefront:

I swear, the DOS version which is include just rocks the house and is just over 1 meg in size. :slight_smile:

Anybody know the difference between Ghost 8.x and Ghost 2003?

I seem to have a problem with 10 when our company takes a snapshot of a windows machine we never end up with a bootable machine may we not using it right but a have always been happy with V9.

Dunno, but Ghost 2003 I think is the last full actual version of Ghost that came out. I think they started doing something with some other asset they bought after that.

I wish Norton would make the DOS version of the Ghost 2003 app free for consumer download. That way, hardcore folks could use it from a boot floppy or boot CD.