True Identity of Office Depot labeled DVD media currently on sale @ 100 discs for $59

I have been searching the enter web trying to obtain any info on Office Depot labeled DVD media & I cannot find anything (plus it doesn’t help that there are a million posts concerning DVD media that have nothing at all to do with the actual “Office Depot labeled media”, the posts are all in reference to various other brands such as Memorex, Verbatim, & Maxell that are “on sale” at Office Depot).

I would like to know if anyone can tell us what actual brand of DVD+R and DVD-R when it comes to the DVD media that Office Depot sells that’s branded as their own product?

This week (beginning July 18th, 2004) they are selling a 50-pack of either DVD+R’s or DVD-R’s of their own Office Depot labeled media for $59.99 as a “Buy One Get One Free” special which means of course you can get 100 disc’s for only $59 which is a very nice deal, depending on whoever manufactures the “actual Office Depot labeled” disc’s.

I don’t think they readily accept returns of opened media & I would hate to be stuck with $59 of horrible media that I may not even be able to use.

Thanks for any info. I’m sure there’s a lot of us on the board that may be curious about this as well & would be interested in picking up 100 DVDs for only $59 provided they are of decent quality.

I tried to get them to let me see one so I could see who made it. the office depot manager said no. so why shoud I buy these when I can go to and get a 100 pack of BeAll’s for $45

I highly doubt that house brand media will be anything but the lowest bid stuff, which will typically mean crap media. I bot a 10 pk. of CompUSA branded CD-R’s when I upgraded to a new computer with a CDRW drive and those discs turned into real crap. I don’t remember the manufacturer, but only two or three of those discs are still useable, the rest suffered the “rot”. Save yourself some headaches and buy recommended DVD +/- R media. Or, if you are that curious, buy a 5 or 10 pack of their brand and find out for yourself before committing $60 to 100 discs. Or buy them and if they turn out to be crap, sell the remaining on ebay, have some empty 30 pc. cakeboxes laying around? :slight_smile: You can shrinkwrap them and sell them as “new” in 30 pc. cakeboxes on ebay, noone there’ll know the diff.

you shouldnt buy them…rebranded media is a big warning sign for me…im even skeptical on buying verbatims nowdays…