True Hardware Raid Card



I am looking for a true ide hardware raid pci card. I know 3Ware makes them, however, from my understanding upong the install you must wipe the drives clean. Something I am trying to avoid at this point. Reinstalling everything is a hassle in itself, but trying to register my software again is more of a pain the arss.

I currently am running Raid 1 with a Highpoint RocketRaid 133. My problem is that everytime I try to capture video via a firewire I drop a lot of frames. So to test my theory I disconnect the raid and connected my harddrive to the motherboard. I was then able to capture video without dropping a single frame. I contacted Highpoint regarding this issue, they informed me they never heard of such a problem and gave me the boot.

My other option at this point is purchasing another harddrive, installing an O/S and booting from that drive when I need to capture video. Would this cause any issues? It might cause any issue with various settings like the monitor.


You have to wipe, EOD.
I’d have a look at Areca’s controller cards, they’re supposed to be very good.


I have had good luck with rocket raid 133, both cards and chipset controllers on motherboard, the pci cards can suffer from being in the wrong slot with some motherboards. Besides mirroring is for data redundacy, single drives are faster.
You stripe when you have a video machine, not mirror!


Mirror is pretty much identical to a singe drive rbrtpl…


the extra writes and parity? overhead seem to impact performance, reads are the same


I suspect the capture problem has more to do with using a PCI card than with the card itself. I’m not too surprised to see you dropping frames with that setup. Remember that the firewire, IDE and PCI card are all on the PCI bus.

I second the idea of trying a single drive or a RAID-0 array for the capture. You can break the mirror and keep one of those drives for the OS, then use the second drive for capture.


Okay guys, do you really know how much bandwidth it’s needed for capturing? It’s like 8mbyte/s (lossless) at full DVD resolution so why the hell would you need RAID 0 for that? I mean, my old XP 1800+ using a slow Seagate 7200.7 drive can do that without any issues at all. IDE is on a separate buss since years ago too rdgrimes, although separate controllers arent but that shouldn’t be the issue here. Probably high PCI Latency setting and/or IRQ-sharing but then again, HPT isn’t great.


Yeah, I know I can break the mirror. I tried a lot of different ideas before I made the post. The PCI card is in the correct slot and I also tried tweaking the IRQ.

The reason for the Raid 1 is simple, after losing a harddrive a few years ago and reinstalling everything I decided I didn’t want to go that route again. In addition, my wife informed me that if I had to work two jobs to pay for someone to recover the lost pictures of my daughter’s first Christmas than I better start looking for another job.

My machine is really a general purpose machine more than video. The only video capturing I am doing are home movies.


I just use an IDE drive, and I back it up regularly, with an external Seagate usb2.0 drive.


The thing with capturing is not that you need a fast drive. I’ve captured on a laptop with a 5400RPM drive. The thing is that the drive and capture software must have an uninterrupted datastream. So any background applications or even OS activity can cause dropped frames. Having unfragmented HD space is also good. Most likely, your trouble is the combination of several things which come together to cause dropped frames. Changing configuration may fix one of those things enough to end the dropped frames. It may be a simple as stopping all background processes and not touching the PC during capture.

Buying a DVD recorder is another approach. :wink:


DV is a fixed 3.7MB/s datastream/transfer standard


An good RAID controller comes with its own BIOS where you can prepare your connected hdd’s from by formatting them… Good ones come from 3ware, Promise…