TRUE crossfading and transition effects? Impossible to find?

Hi all…

I have been tearing my hair out trying to find any CD-Burning software that will do PROPER crossfading (or overlapping).

What I’m talking about is the ability to cross two tracks WITHOUT necessarily having to FADE either of them. For instance, let’s say Song A has a ‘hard end’ (no fade out), but Song B has a ‘hard start’ (no fade-in). I want to be able to overlap these tracks WITHOUT losing the hard start or hard end of any of the tracks.

I am talking about doing TRUE overlaps of songs WITHOUT fades, if I so choose.

Problem is: NO available CD burning software seems to be able to do this at all!!!

Now, before you say ‘Roxio!!!’ or ‘Nero!!!’, please understand that neither of these applications have FULL crossfading abilities. Nero only allows crossFADING (in other words, I have no choice but to have song A fade OUT while song B fades IN) and Roxio - the bastards - USED to do this flawlessly (in versions 5, 6 and 7), but have now made it so Song B will ALWAYS fade in (they say this is due to ‘audio clipping’, which in the hundreds of discs I burned with Roxio 5, was never an issue).

I would still be using Roxio 5 if I still had it (and if it wasn’t so buggy with XP). I tried a friend’s copy of Nero (6, I believe) and all it had was its sad ‘crossfading’ option. I’ve tried a few open-source and demos, but they either don’t have the ability to do this properly, or they require a degree in audio engineering to use!! :slight_smile:

My usage is strictly for CDs. I am not an MP3 fan (due to the lack of proper gapless support out there).

So, any ideas? Surely someone on this forum has the same issue and would like to have the option of some professional features and knows of the perfect software for me! It can be freeware, shareware or store-bought. Money isn’t an issue.

Thanks in advance,


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Are you talking about something like the old SOS (Sound On Sound)?
I have no idea but i’d like to see some replys.

Sorry, I’ve never heard of Sound on Sound. Was it CD burning software?

I’d like to see some replies too! I find it hard to believe with all the audiophiles and DJs on this forum, that they’re all putting up with s**t like Nero and Roxio!


Without getting technical-SOS was used many years ago to achieve a certain type of output.
Now to the original issue-you really need to search for a DJ program. Stop by Bill offers a large number of good ideas that he has tried professionally. The list of programs is quite large and doing a simple search will take you to some that you can test drive. Most will allow you to “que” a pair of tunes and play them just like you would on a regular mixing board. PCDJ is one that comes to mind.

I’d say use an 8 track or similar program. Not the old 8 track tapes but just like you would use in a recording studio. Then you could do whatever you want with it.

Could be i’m not understanding what you want to do. Do you want to do this live as in a DJ?