True Crime: Streets of LA

Has anyone backed this up with CloneCD yet successfully? If not I will try tonight and post my results.



Ok Guys Here It Is To Get True Crime Working…after Install U Will Need Cd1 Image File…im Using Daemon Tools V3.46 U Must Uninstall Cd Clone And Alcohol!!! Turn Off All Emulation On Daemon And Run The Exe Straight From The Image Not The One That Comes Up On The Splash Screen And U Will Be Allset…good Luck Any Questions Just Ask :slight_smile:

i did as you said here. well now there’s a different error message.
now it doesnt say emulator found, but it just will keep the first loading flashwindow up. if i open the cd it will now complain for me tu return the cd. yet it will not start.
what are you refering to to start from launch.exe in the image mounted? or where is the i.exe i need to init?

thanx, i’m sooo close??!!


sorry if i wasnt all that clear…after u mount the image a pop up will appear with the option to play exit that out…also do not have the cd in the drive…now turn all the emulation options off in daemon now go to my computer and find where the drive is that has the image…explore it and find the purple icon which is a launch file and use that to run it and u wil be allset anything else just ask im glad to help

its kind of a pain to keep posting messages with me being the only one to have found a good solid fix for this game so here is the email feel free to email if what i have written sounds like jibberish and ya still need help let me know thanks


Images can be made successfully by most people here, the hard bit is in the burning part.

Everyone, please post any useful SafeDisc 3.20 copying techniques (not imaging, burning too:)) here. Thankyou.

has anyone had an error message when trying to install the game? when i open setup.exe, it comes up with an error message saying “error reading setup initialization file”. I have also tried running True Crime - Streets Of LA.msi and that also comes up with an error message saying “this installation package could not be opened”.
I burned the disk using the following:

Alcohol 120% v1.9.2 (Build 1705) with the disk type set to SafeDisk 2/3
Burned at 8x from the .ccd file
Pioneer A06 burner

Could it possibly have been a download error? Or is it just the way i have burned it?

any help would be great

Do you mean you downloaded an image of the game?
If so, you should go buy the game…then we may help you make a backup of it…

yes i did download it, but sometimes i download a game to see if i like it, and if i do i go and buy it…

if u donwnloaded its cool… i contribute my share to the software companys myself… so if u have al 4 cd;s on iso format u can run it no prb

Downloading the game nonetheless is illegal. If you want to try the game get the demo.


Please stop discussion of downloaded games. This thread started out helpful, and will close if you continue to discuss this, which will leave those who bought the game and need help with it back to square one.

Having installed this game and played it, I found it utterly crap. It’s not worth wasting one’s time trying to copy this. Wait for GTA San Andreas as at least we know the other GTA games were good. I swapped TC - SoLA for Soldner - Secret Wars. I will start a thread on backing this one up soon!


I totally agree with you StarGhost. It is not a very good game. Time to get out Vice City again!:wink:
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