True bit for bit copy, possible?

Is it possible to create a true, bit for bit copy of a dvd? I’m talking to the point where for each pit in the metal foil of the original, there is a darkend spot from the burning laser on the copy? If this is possible I would think it would help with dealing with strangely structured dvds and such.

The short answer is no because all copy protection is removed. Having said that Clone mode is as close to a true 1:1 as you can get.

I was also wondering why it’s not simply put back in place upon burning, or is that not possible? Can’t a dvd player record the data straight up without knowing its a protected video stream, then lay down the same data again?

Fengtao said in response to a similar question once that Clone is a bit-for-bit copy with the exception of 50-200 MB, depending on the type and nature of the protection scheme.

Its the 50-100 mb that make all the difference. To me the structure is more important than the video itself, because I can tell when menus or special features don’t work properly, but can’t perceive a slight loss of video quality. An example would be the movie The Number 23, which has some kind of extra feature where you press enter during viewing to go online and see more about the scene. My copy has a semi-transparent blue bar along the bottom even with the clone mode.

Clone should work fine–it even copies video game DVDs. I don’t have that title to test with, but it sounds like some content was interpreted as junk that should have been left in. Have you tried completely disabling PathPlayer or changing its BOV scanning options? Also, there have been some posts from other users having problems with Clone mode in this release (although it has worked fine for me). There should be another release along in a day or so that may fix it.