Troubling Results with my audio & video

I have a Gateway GT5056 Personal Computer with Dual Core technology & in it is a TSST corp CD/DVDW TS-H552D Dvd/Cd Burner. I use Nero 7 Ultra Edition to burn whatever I want on it. I was told that the Taiyo Yuden (by most of you) was the best media to use, so that’s what I use. Here’s my problem: a lot of people that I gave CD’s to last Christmas (I usually make a CD with some Christmas favorites and give them to family & friends) said that there was nothing on them, or there would be a couple tunes at the beginning and then nothing. I’ve also had some trouble with some of the DVD’s I’ve burnt as well (long pauses or pixilation). A couple of years ago I posted a similar problem, only the Computer was made locally and the DVD/CD unit was different. My son says “Man Dad you sure have problems burning stuff”, he works with computers and everything he burns works. I mean his CD’s seem to last forever (that‘s another problem mine start to skip after only a few times playing them), and he burns DVD’s using DVD Shrink and they all play fine. I notice that these CD’s that start to skip have some scratches on them but they only go from a padded case to my CD unit in my truck. With my previous post (about a year ago) you suggested changing media, which I did. That machine busted and unfortunately I seem to be getting the same results with this one. Please, any ideas?
IF you think it’s the burner then which is the most dependable, with the best results for both formats, I mean overall? Could it still be the media or how about Nero? Also I’m thinking of getting a new CD player for my truck that can run 4 speakers without an extra amp, with good results (because I’m beginning to think it is the cause of the scratches). Sorry this is so long but I wanted to be as specific as possible. I’ll thank you in advance because you all have always been so helpful.
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Uncle Bob

If your son uses a different burner, then you should too. Store bought PC’s usually do not come with a good burner anyway. Real Plextor, LG, Samsung, Lite On are good burners for DVD’s. Also, a CD burner is better for burning CD’s. Plextor Premium is good.