Troubleshooting OEM 1620 DVD burn problem

Troubleshooting OEM 1620 DVD burn problem

I recently purchased a Pacific Digital Mach 16 burner, which is an OEM DW-1620. After installing it in my XP machine, I ran into a problem burning DVD’s. The following is a brief history and the subsequent troubleshooting I did.

  • Purchased Mach 16 at the end of December, and successfully installed it. Initial burns of CD’s seemed successful.
  • Early January, I attempted to burn a DVD+. At 99% of the burn, Roxio 6 seemed to hang. The red burner light was going on and off without a burn completion. Ending Roxio’s task did not stop the burner, and I couldn’t eject the DVD. Shutdown of machine. This attempt occurred several times with the same shutdown necessary to kill the burn session.
  • Upgraded firmware to G7P9, still no help.
  • Early this week, after continuing to troubleshoot this issue, the drive failed to recognize any disk. It’s as if the laser was dead. Off to Staples to get a replacement.
  • Received replacement from Staples. Another DW-1620 with G7H9. Installed drive on XP machine and started to burn a DVD. Failed again!
  • Upgraded firmware to G7M9. Tried again with same failure.
  • Upgraded Roxio 6 to 7. No help.
  • Varied write speeds to media. No help.
  • Moved 1620 to another machine with W2K on it. Installed Sonic Recorder that came with burner. Loaded all updates from Benq site. Burn seemed successful but failed on Verification of DVD.
  • Updated firmware to G7P9. Tried two other brands of DVD’s. No help.
  • Found Nero CDSpeed, and started to do some more testing, using Create Data Disk and then running Disk Quality Test. Running Disk Quality Test failed with NO ADDITIONAL SENSE INFORMATION (000000). (See attachment 1.)
  • Went to store and bought Fujifilm DVD+. Same test, same failure. (See attachment 2)
  • I have a Samsung SW-240 CD burner, and I thought to run a compare by installing it on the XP machine. Ran Create Data Disk on CD burner using a TDK CD-R and then the Quality Test. The Samsung test ran well.
  • Ran the Create Data Disk on the 1620 using a TDK CD-R. It completed but there seemed to be a lot of jitter. (See attachment 3)
  • Ran the Create Data Disk on another DVD burner using the Fujifilm DVD+, and used this disk to run the Quality test on the 1620. Same bad results. (See attachment 4)

Bottom line, is this second 1620 a bad unit? Any help would be appreciated.

Judging the drive only from your posted scans, I wouldn’t call the second DW1620 a bad unit; I’d call it a disgustingly bad unit. I use B7P9 firmware with my two BenQ DW1620s (which is the same firmware as your G7P9), and I get excellent results with YUDEN000 T02 media; which is one of the best DVD+R media available in my opinion.

I think staples has a bad batch. It can happen. I would get a refund and purchase somewhere else.

dryrun - Nice job troubleshooting…

Urshurak776 - What do you base this on?

Thank you very much for your input. You have confirmed that there is nothing else to be done but to pursue a replacement for this second unit. I’ll let you guys know of the result.

If the drive could talk, it might describe an unfortunate incident with a forklift and a crash, which no-one want’s to admit.

I would do the same with that drive. Please keep us updated on how the replacement goes again. Maybe you could just get your money back and buy a drive elsewhere? Or, go to a different Staples location with store credit from your return and get the replacement drive from there (not the original Staples store where you purchased it)? This is possible if there’s another Staples store close to you?

@JVene, good one about the forklift incident :wink:

I agree this definitely sounds like defective hardware.
Good luck with the replacement!

LOL. :bigsmile:

Back with a report on the third new Pacific Digital (DW1620) drive.

With the encouragement I received from your input, I went back to a different Staples this past Wednesday. I explained to one of the associates there the entire scenario of events, and asked if a replacement could be made. The gentleman listened patiently, and gave me an exchange of the old with a brand new burner; no paperwork, but a direct swap. This way the outstanding rebate from the first unit will not be jeopardized. He also gave me a 20 dollar certificate toward my next purchase at Staples for my troubles. I very much appreciated this, even though I was perfectly happy with a truly no-hassle exchange.

Now on to the testing. I got the burner home and installed it into my W2K machine. Created a Test Disk using the Fuji DVD, and it ran successfully. Quality test also showed a vast improvement to my previous results. I then upgraded the firmware to G7P9, and reran the test with similar success.

To attempt the burning of data, I copied 4gig of files over to the W2K machine, similar to the data that could not be read successfully before. Using Sonic, which has a verify feature to it, I burned the data and it was verified successfully! Woohoo!

I moved the burner over to its permanent location in the XP machine, and created a test disk and ran the quality test. These are the attachments I’m sending along.

I set the Nero CD-DVD Speed test program to read and write at a max of 8x, since the DVD+'s are 8x. I’m not very knowledable to know if it makes a difference in quality burning slower in some cases, with a set speed maximum, and/or a set quality test read speed? What is the standard/typical settings that ought to be set in order to effectively make comparisons with the burns and media. (compare against other on the forum) Anyway, this burner seems to be a keeper.

I’m very pleased with Staples, and I’m happy to have a working DVD burner. I thank you all for your knowledgable input.

Congratulations on finally sorting out your problems! It looks like your new burner is finally working properly. It also appears that Staples is very customer oriented.

As far as burn speed is concerned, one of the strengths of the BenQ (now that it’s functioning correctly) is its ability to overspeed the burn. I still think that overspeeding to 16X may leave a bit to be desired in terms of burn quality, but my experience is that overspeeding an 8X disc to 12X is very doable - and with almost no reduction of scan quality.

Inversely, I would strongly recommend that you do NOT underspeed a burn. There is some speculation that both the 2.4X and the 4X burns might all be using the same generic write strategy, rather than one optimized to each media type - meaning that your burns would likely be sub-optimal in terms of quality. Even if that’s not true, it’s a fair bet that most of the effort in preparing the 1620 drive for market has gone into the higher speed burns (8X and faster), since the 1620 is marketed as a 16X burner.

I’m glad it worked out well for you. I thought it was at least possible that the first Staples store had a bad batch of drives (either from mishandling them in shipping, or whatever cause). Looks like Staples did you right. Happy burning to you with your new working drive. :slight_smile: