Troubleshooting for copied cd's with Blindwrite and BWA


this is my first posting here. I’ve noticed something, which could solve your problems running copies made with BlindRead-Suite and BWA.

I’ve tried burning UT2003 CD1 with BlindWrite (actual release) twenty times. For the BWA I’ve used a 40X-SCSI from Plextor (1.05) and my writer is a 8480 from LG (1.03). But my copies didn’t working. The Plextor was trying to read the copy for more than 2 hours - nothing happend. Then I used my writer for building the BWA. But the Plextor still wont work with the copy. But the copy was now still running in my LG. After a restart it didn’t (LG and Plextor).

So I was looking for a solution. Thought it could be useful to upgrade my ASPI layer from 4.71 to 4.72 (WinXP Pro). But nothing happend too. Uninstalled all other burning applications (CloneCD and Nero) - but with the same bad result. But now my “little” wonder of the day: I’ve forgotton uninstalling InCD from Ahead. After I’ve unistalled it - all my 20 copies were still running. I couldn’t believe it and so I reinstalled all my burning appplications except InCD and everything works fine.

I don’t know why InCD causes this trouble - but maybee my experience could be useful for you.

Don’t be sad about my terrible english. I’m just a stupid boy from Germany :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: