Troubleshoot: My computer turns off when burning starts!



Could anyone help me?
My Philips DVDR1660K worked like a beauty earlier, but now everytime I try a few seconds into the burning process my computer turns off like from the flick of a switch. :confused:

Any help is appreciated.


try START RUN type MSCONFIG go to startup and DISABLE ALL reboot and try burning once more


bad psu or motherboard blown capacitors will be my guess , if you have a digital multimeter its best to use one for measuring the voltages as its most accurate , heres some guides , if you dont have one then i guess well have to settle for software reading , get speedfan from here: , take a screenshot after you run it , also check the motherboard for bad capacitors (quite easy just power off and open up the case,lay it down and have a good look) here some examples on how bad capacitors should look like


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This is a software problem.
Please tell us what burning software you use. Any emulation software installed?


Not sure if this is software, I had similar issue only when I OC’d my computer, everything else seemed to work fine for few days until I tried burning new DVD. This might indicate some power/voltage issues, well at least in my case what easterbunny recommends seemsto have been a closer match.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Im using the Nero which was included with the drive and i use both alcohol and d-tools. These running on Windows 2000


As others have mentioned, the problem is mostly likely due to an insufficient power supply.


While troubleshooting the best would be to uninstall emulation software.
Also, try to recall what you installed lately and uninstall that.

BTW, there is also a setting in device manager that prevents restart on stop errors, under advanced “start and reset” (don’t have a 2k machine atm to tell you in details).


Not in device manager, but in the properties of “My Computer” or Control Panel -> System. It is the same as with XP.



Thanks for correcting this mciahel. :slight_smile:
Yes, Advanced" tab is under system properties.