Troubleshoot DL DVD burn (TMPGEnc 3 authoring)

I’m trying to burn a DL (8.5) DVD for viewing on stand-alone DVD player.

DVD Burner: Samsung SHOS183L 8x +R DL DVD
Media: Memorex DVD+RDL
Software used to create DVD Video/Audio Folder: TMPGEnc 3 Authoring
Software used to burn: Various

I have created a standard (4.7) DVD using the video/audio folders created by TMPGEnc 3 authoring. This works fine on my stand alone DVD player. The DVDs were verbatium +R.

I have created a DL (8.5) DVD using video/audio folders created by TMPGEnc 3 Authoring. This will NOT work on my stand-alone DVD player. However, I can access the data files using my PC. In my XP settings, I have my PC DVD player set to autoplay “DVD Movie” movies using Windows Media Player. With these settings, the DVD DL menu pops up and plays just fine as soon as it’s inserted.

Using the same DVD burner, Memorex DL Media, and Video/Audio folders from TMPGEnc 3 Authoring software I tried burning the DVD with different burning software, but all have failed to play on the stand-alone DVD player. I have tried Nero, ImgBurn (using “excellent” layer break), and CloneDVD. I have tried creating an ISO image and then buring that, but I get the same results.

I checked the samsung DVD burner and the memorex DL media is not on the recommended list. They recommend MKM for DL, but I couldn’t find these DVDS anywhere even on mainstream online retailers. Even so, given that the DVD DL works fine on the PC DVD but not the stand-alone DVD, I suspect the stand-alone just can’t read the format.

I haven’t been able to test the DLDVD on other stand-alone DVD players. The stand-alone player I have is a VCR combo bought at walmart about 4 years ago.

Can someone help me identify the problem? Is there a way I can format the DVD DL so that the stand-alone DVD player will run it?

I really appreciate the help.

AFAIK, the [I]only[/I] DVD+R DL media recommended,[I] is still[/I] Verbatim brand…Try them…

[QUOTE=t0nee1;2464169]AFAIK, the [I]only[/I] DVD+R DL media recommended,[I] is still[/I] Verbatim brand…Try them…

I’m not sure I’m convinced considering that my PC can read and play the DVD DL just fine. Even so, I’m very tired of troubleshooting this issue and I’m willing to do whatever is the best guess.

I’ve searched, but so far I haven’t been able to confirm that verbatim DL is compatible with my Samsung SHOS183L. Can anyone confirm compatibility before I buy?

Finally, I know I CAN read the data from the Memorex DLs, so does that mean I should be able to rely on them for long term storage for my PC data just as I would for any other 4.7 DVD? Or does incompatibliity with the stand-alone DVD player mean I should worry about data integrity relative to the PC?

Thanks for the help.

Hello petefreak,

You have run into one of the more common (and less obvious) compatibility issues between your Memorex-branded DL media and your Samsung burner (and most other DVD DL burners). The media appears to have been written to successfully, but either pause or skip badly during playback or cannot be read at all on any standalone DVD player. This happens especially on DL media that use Ritek codes. Of all the recent DVD burners on the market, only select Pioneer and Optiarc burners could make even decent burns on this media. Otherwise, stick to the Verbatim brand for all DVD+R DL media.

By the way, I went only by the forum results. To date I have never bought anything other than MIS Verbatim for DL media.

Before you try Verbatim, which truly are the only safe bet for DL media, try setting the booktype to DVD-ROM if your burner supports it. This helps with older DVD players. As for the longevity/reliability of your Memorex DL media, I personally wouldn’t depend on them. Once again, Verbatim (MIS) is the only DL media to trust with your data and your burner should support it.

Even PC data is suspect? Crap, I guess I should just throw out these Memorex DVD DLs.

Well, I’ll get the verbatium then. Thanks a lot to everyone for the help. I only registered today, but many times in the past I’ve read older posts for good advice here.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Don’t throw them out!..Save them for a rainy day…If you get a good burn/backup, you can transfer the data onto the [I]more[/I] [B]reliable/compatible[/B] verbies…
Having said that, Verbatims are the [I]most[/I] reliable/compatible…Don’t be [I]too[/I] upset if they don’t play on your particular player…
IOW, they’re not 100% guaranteed to work on every player in the market(what is?)…But, I’m sure you [I]are[/I] aware of that…
Good luck!..:cool:

Thanks for the help… say, is there a consensus on what the best 4.7 DVD is? I heard Taiyo Yuden.

I like Taiyo Yuden 8x +R disks the best among the single layer dvds, but Verbatim 16x +R is my most commonly used type. Easier to find locally, and works very well even if it doesn’t scan quite as well. In practice, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between them.

TY 8X +R’s have a longer history and we have good evidence of them lasting well when handled and stored properly.

Good information. Thanks again.

I bought the DL+R 8x Verbatiums. No luck. They don’t work any better than the Memorex.

What’s the point of having a DL DVD burner if it can’t burn DVDs. I guess I’ll have to go back and break up my authoring into two 4.7 DVD chunks. What a pain considering all the time and effort I put into this project.

Anyone got any other ideas on what I might be able to do to get the DL work? I’m ready to give up.


Your particular player may just be picky about DL burned media. Before you throw out that Verbatim you just tried, I would test it in different players. Go to a friends house and see if it works there.

Did you burn it at 4x? That is the only speed I use for DL burns.

Tried it at 4x. No love.

I think my wife’s laptop can burn DL. I’ll try that too.

Verbatims are the most reliable/compatible…Don’t be too upset if they don’t play on your particular player…

Did you try and [I]play[/I] them on different players, as suggested?..

I appreciate the advice, but no, I have not tried the DLDVD on any other stand-alone players other than the one I own. I’m making these (as a hobby) for some friends of mine and so I really don’t want to send them out if there’s no way to know if they will work or not. My stand-alone is a DVD/VCR combo player I bought at Walmart a couple years or so ago so I figure it’s about as mainstream as it gets. It’s NEVER had a problem playing anything store bought or create by me (in 4.7 size). (so long as DVDs were in good condition).

Since my last post I reburned the DVD with Imageburn using a different PC desktop (with a DVD burner in the same era/generation as the samsung) and then I tried again using a blu-ray player DVD burner from a laptop. Same results. Every DVD I made works fine in both my desktops and my laptop but (afer about a minute) the stand-alone player gives up and says it can’t read the disk.

To be fair, Samsung only has MKM DVDs on their recommended list for DVD DL, but I haven’t seen this brand anywhere and don’t even know were to get it.

Anyway, it seems to me there should be some sort of format tweak I can put on the DL to make it work via the burning software. If it can play DL store bought DVDs then why not a home made one? But I think I’ve tried all I know how to try and I’ll just have to accept breaking the image up into a couple 4.7 sizes. Pitty.

So, I’ve had zero experience with DL up until now. I use Taiyo Yuden DVDs for irreplacable stuff like home movies and pictures but I’ve had good luck with verbatim holding data in the 4.7 size. Are the verbatim DL 8x DVDs known to be at least as good as the 4.7 in terms of keeping data integrity? I’d like to at least use the verbatium for data storage. Any reason to be worried?

Thanks again. I have a friend who can try out the DVD on his stand-alone player, but even if it works I’m not willing to mail out the DLs to other friends no knowing if they will work or not on THEIR players.

MKM is part of the mid code (manufacturer id code) found on Verbatim DL media. The slower speed DL +R disks are MKM001, the faster 8x ones are MKM003.

Double layer media longevity is not certain. Many of us in these forums believe it will not be as stable as single layer dvds, simply due to the more complex nature of the disks. Having said that, I’ve never had a Verbatim DL disk deteriorate to the point it affected playback. My earliest examples are only a few years old however…dating back only five years or so.

If the disks are working properly in your computer drives, then the problem does not lie in the media, or the burning process, but rather in the player you are trying to get them to work on.

If the disks are working properly in your computer drives, then the problem does not lie in the media, or the burning process, but rather in the player you are trying to get them to work on.

I agree, however, given a long history of flawless performance, I have no reason to believe that the stand-alone DVD player is defective so it must be some sort of built-in format incompatibility the player has with user created DLs vs. store bought DLs. :confused:

Thanks for the MKM info. Seeing I bought two stacks of DLs that are useless for the purpose I bought them I was hoping to at least use them for data storage, so I think I take a chance with less critical data.

Thanks to everyone for all the help. I’m gonna author some 4.7s instead.