Troubles with speed of CDR


around a year ago I bought the Lite-on 32125W which a flashed to 48125W. I used it without problems untill Nero came up with their buggy version which crashed my system. At the same time, related or not, I had a reboot due to an overload of my powersupply which caused my BIOS into it’s default settings.
I reinstalled my whole system (W98SE) and put all the drives into DMA mode with autorun off. Now I have the problem that when I use the CD burner, for instance to install software, it only starts spinning up and down, is extremely slow. With CD speed I only get 20x and when spinning down it falls back to around 10x. Further when I want to burn with Nero I get the SCSI-Atapi command time-out error with ‘SCSI Pending’ in the log. This refers to a slow transfer rate or so. Anyone has a clue?

I have: KR7A-raid, AMD 1800+, 256 MB DDR 2100, Maxtor 80 gig PRI/MA, Asus 8x DVD PRI/SL, Maxtor 80 gig SEC/MA, Lite-on 32125W(48125W) SEC/SL and Maxtor 20 gig Raid.
In first instance I only installed w98 IDE drivers but later ran the VIA set which was delivered with the MOBO. No difference. There is one thing I noticed and that is that my system is a little bit underpowered with only 300 W. The voltages are just an edge too low.

Before the crash I had NO problems at all and in some cases burned whole CD’s in 2 minutes. What going on here?



Although a too weak PSU usually results in system instability, it can cause problems like this (although I really don’t that’s the case here). You say that your voltages are an edge too low… if you mean by this voltages like 4.95V and 11.89V, there’s not much to worry about.

You installed the drivers that came with the mainboard. That should work, but it’s always better to install a new version of the Via 4-in-1 drivers. You can get them from

When not using Nero, do you have the same problems?


I got these problems all the way, not only using Nero. When I want to explore the contents of a CD with a lot of files it takes ages to get it on screen. Subsequently my system allmost freezes. I had the same thing when I tried to install from a CD. I can see my HD working but the green light of my CDR only lights up now and then.
I first installed VIA 4 in 1 4.32, then 4.35 but it all results in the same. When I disable DMA CDspeed slows down to 15x dropping down to 8x instaed of 20x and 10 x. I tested the drive with Sandra and got mixed results between 1500 and 2350 kb/sec which is around CD 32x. What I think is strange is the constant spinning up and down of the drive due to a bottleneck somewhere.