Troubles with samsung ts h552 dvd rw



i’m very sorry to disturb but i have a tiny problem and everyone who owns the same device as me seems to have it. my dvd rw drive (of course ts h552b) won’t read cd-s. it’s all that u have already heard and read. i’ve tried everything, at least every suggestion i have found. different media, new f/w (ts06), reinstalling windows (win xp) ,formatting hard disk, switching between master and slave, i even replaced my 40 conductor cable to 80 conductor cable (ATA 66/100) new drivers and accelerators for (E)IDE channels. i have absolutely no ****** idea what to do. SO IF NE1 KNOWS HOW TO FIX IT please please please let me know. obviously too many people frustrated about same problem about same device.unbelievable.

ps when i first installed it , it read 1 cd normally and then it stopped… i went to my friend and it worked there (but i tried only 1 cd again…so …)
it’s almost as if it’s subjective with a mind of it’s own


return it. get a pioneer, nec, benq or lg.