Troubles with Optorite 4002



i have an Optorite CW4002 and I run windows XP. This drive worked fine on my old computer but then i changed the motherboard and reinstalled windows and now it doesn’t work. The firmware avalible on their website didn’t help and their tech support is just lame. I’ll tell you the symptoms and hopefully you can give me something to try.

The drive is recognized by my BIOS and i actually installed windows with it. The drive is seen and recognized by windows as a valid drive and the driver is “working normally”. The red light on the front is always on and is never green like it used to be. When i put in a CD i get the little CD icon next to the cursor like it should be reading something. I do not hear any spinning and when i click on the drive in windows it displays an empty folder where the contents of the CD should be held.

I have uninstalled the driver completely and tried putting it as a sole master instead of a slave and it still doesn’t work in windows. Has anyone had this type of problem and been able to fix it? let me know.


a little more info, I installed Nero just to see if it could burn for some reason. It can’t burn but I put in the CD and give it the burn command it says that the drive is empty. So it’s somehow not getting the message to read the CD or the spin mechanism is broken.