Troubles with fuji TY dvd-R :(

hello cd freakers, i have bought a spindle each of 8x fujifilm dvd-r and dvd+r. the packaging says made in japan and the disc hub contain the correct information to indicate these are genuine TY media.

i get wonderful kprobe scans from the dvd+, just about perfect. but the dvd- give me consistently terrible scans, like the one below. i usually have the Y-axes on PI and PIF set to 240 and 4 respectively, and this would give me solid blocks of blue and red in the kprobe scan :Z …what could be the problem here? should i trust these scans at all? in fact the burned discs read just fine, so i can’t believe they could be as bad as kprobe is saying…?? but it’s a repeatable thing, always bad like this for the dvd- and always lovely from the dvd+. i will in future buy the dvd+ only since i think my lite-on likes + better anyway, but i am running out of them now and i still have most of the dvd- spindle left, should i use them up anyway and ignore kprobe?

I believe this high error level is (almost?) out of spec.
Do a transfer rate test with Nero CD-DVD Speed.
You can also try scanning it in another drive, preferably of another model or even better, a different brand (BenQ, Plextor…).

It is true that the Lite-Ons tend to like +R media better but as mentioned above you might try a different drive to scan.

If your drive is scanning correctly, that is a very,very bad scan. I certainly wouldn’t be trusting any important data to those discs.

This is why he should do a Transfer rate test. I’m looking forward to the results.

woobi, those are very poor results for Taiyo Yuden media, even though I believe the earlier LiteOn drive such as yours prefer DVD+R media over DVD-R media.

You could try upgrading your firmware to the newest official firmware VS0M, or the unofficial Quality-patched 832S firmware CG5J.

The PIE levels should not be higher than 280 and the PIF levels should not be higher than 4 (except perhaps for a few single spikes), so your scans are way out of specs.


It’s possible that your drive isn’t scanning those discs reliably, but since the LiteOn DVD drives are susually very good readers, it’s possible to have have a disc with out-of-spec PIE/PIF that reads flawlessly in the LiteOn but is unreadable in some other drives.

If you have another drive to scan or perform Read Transfer tests in, that would give you more of an idea whether you should believe the poor quality scans or not.

hello, ok, i have done a transfer rate test of this same disc in the Nero CD-DVD speed program. it seems to be pretty much perfect! i also had a look at the ‘disc quality’ tab in that program and it was saying the same thing as kprobe with the PI up beyond 1000 and the PIF starting around 80. i don’t believe that the disc could really be that bad because i have had discs fail when the scans were not nearly this bad. usually there was a bad ‘patch’ on the disc where the PIF would go maybe >20 and then that data in that part would be unreadable - but these ty dvd-r scans seems to be ‘smooth’ even though the error rate is terribly high.

i have also watched one of the divx movies on the disc on my standalone player, which has a reputation for being really fussy with bad discs, and it played just fine.

i will try scanning with a different drive now, but my only other drive is a plain dvd drive. can you do scans with any old drive or does it need to be a recorder?

Have you tried a firmware update on that drive? It’s a long shot, but might just give it a new lease of life.

I believe the latest is VS0M, or you can try Codeguys’ CG5J (I used CG5J on my old Litey, improved things a lot).

I’ll try and pull up some links if you decide to give it a shot. :slight_smile:

That’s what I suggested in my post above! :wink:

Doh, my apologies, Drage :o - that’ll teach me to skim through threads!

But hey, great minds think alike :bigsmile:

hi, thanks for bringing it to my attention that there was a newer firmware for my drive. i have patched to VS0M but the scan is still much the same. i tried scanning in my other drive but that scan is appalling too (interestingly the ‘mountain’ happens at the end of the disc rather than the start)

Your DVD-ROM will allow you to perform the Transfer Rate Test. A perfect high-speed (preferably at 16x) TRT is usually the best indicator of readability. [I]If[/I] the PIE/PIF results from your Lite-ON are correct, then your standalone must be quite tolerant as that disc, as [B]DrageMester[/B] has already stated, is not with-in spec.

The newer firmware may allow your drive to burn those discs with better results than you have had with the older firmware. It shouldn’t usually change the scanning results from already burnt discs.


I think either you could try the CG5J firmware, and see if it improves burn quality…or maybe it’s time for a new drive (which would give you better burn quality and reliable scans, if indeed that scan is off, as suggested).

Try a fresh burn with VS0M first…

ok i just tried my first burn with new firmware VSOM and you can see it is looking much better. orders of magnitude better. :clap: out of interest i also scanned the older burn with VSOM hoping it would look just as good, but it still looks basically the same as with the older firmware :frowning: what do you think, should i reburn all the discs i have done with the older firmware, or do you think i should trust the perfect reading curve and they will be ok?

Probably go ahead and reburn before they become unreadable. Had similar problems before I started scanning discs with Lite-On 812s and some Yuden T02’s. Some discs were unreadable 5 minutes after burning, others would be ok. My only solution at the time was to buy another drive, but it was a good investment!

The choice is yours of course, but as your own scans would [I]seem[/I] to indicate that your drive is indeed [B]reporting correctly[/B], then the older burns on TYG02 are indeed out-of-spec and therefore have a [I]greater probability[/I] of failure than the burns you have done on T02 or the TYG02 burns you have done using the VSOM firmware.

If the data on the older -R discs is of importance, it’s probably safer to re-burn them if you don’t want to take any chances on them failing sooner than you would want.

hi everyone, well my burns have started scanning crappy again so i thought i might just buy a new drive :frowning: what is the popular current drive around here for dvd burning, especially for TY media? i have looked on the forums and the site but there is just so much information here that i looked for hours and still didn’t know what drive to get. and the stickies on this question are about a year old so maybe the scene has changed now.
also one other quick question - i remember reading somewhere that kprobe only works with liteon drives, is that true? because i don’t mind buying say a benq or some other brand but i would still like to be able to use kprobe…

Pioneer 111 or Benq 1655 would be excellent choices with TY media , specialy Pioneer

I think LG, Plextor and maybe BenQ drive get along very well with TY media - at least better than BenQ. LiteOn doesn’t like TY at all… :frowning:

How can benq get better a long than BenQ.
Isn’t the second BenQ Lite On ???