Troubles with DVD Flick (Yes I read the guide)


I’m fairly new to DVD burning but here we go:

I’ve downloaded some .avi movies (good quality ones…aXXO releases) and have proceeded to burn them to DVD.

I have used DVD Flick for the encoding, then checked the tick for DVD Flick to burn the DVD after encoding. I’m using Sony DVD+r Accucore discs (made in Taiwan). I watch movies using my XBox 360.

Here is the problem:

I burn the movies and everything looks and sounds great during playback. It looks crisp, just like the retail DVD. The sound is fantastic. Okay, you might be thinking that’s not a problem. Well that part isn’t. The PROBLEM is that during SOME (not all) camera changes or scene changes during the movie there is a SLIGHT pause. A minor hesitation it seems. The video hesitates slightly. This seems to happen more frequently during highly intense scenes of the movie such as car chases, fight scenes, or scenes using a lot of special effects. Now, the movie is still enjoyable enough, but it could be so much better so I’m seeking assistance with this problem.

Now, I have copied DVDs using a different program, and using THE SAME BURNER and SAME DISCS and everything has turned out perfectly. I’ve also played these burnt movies in my XBox 360 with no problems. Also, the .avi files play perfectly fine on my computer without the glitching.

This leads me to the conclusion that the trouble MUST be with the encoding.

Are there any changes I should make to my DVD Flick settings or the encoding process?

I am including my PC specs/DVD Flick settings below:

PC Specs:

Intel Quad Core Q6600 @ 2.40 Ghz
2 GB Ram
250 GB HD
Windows XP Home Service Pack 3

DVD Flick settings:

Target Size: DVD (4.3 GB)
Encoder Priority: Above Normal
Thread Count: 4
Encoding Profile: Best
Target Bit-Rate: Auto Fit
Everything Audio is: Auto Fit
Burn Speed: 4X (could go higher or lower)
Discrete Cosine Precision: 8

My burner is an LG securdisc supermulti but again, I’ve used this burner and these discs to copy DVDs before and everything has been perfect.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Pretty cool forum you guys got goin’ on here.

P.S. I have done slight multi-tasking during some of these burns…could these cause these pauses? I figured since my computer is a quad core it could likely handle it…Just throwing it out there.


This is an illegal download from a torrent , I am very sorry we cannot help you. Please read our forum rules.:slight_smile: