Troubles with DVD burning. Can anybody help me?

I realize this is probably an extremely nooby topic, but i think this is the right place to start off. I’m new to this forum but a few friends told me its a good place to ask all my nooby questions so here I am.
I’m trying to burn original copies of DVDs but I’ve been having quite a lot of trouble, probably due to the fact that I have had very limited experience and very little knowledge about it. I’ve only recently made attempts to burn some DVD’s but I’m already running into what are likely to be laughable noob roadblocks that are easily overcome, given that you aren’t me. :frowning: Anyway, I’ve tried using programs such as DVD shrink, DVD Decrypter and so on but i can never get a copy of the DVD that works. My main issues are the decrypting part, the image burning and other conversions, and the shrinking of dual layers to fit on regular size (4.7g) blanks. Now that i think about it, thats pretty much everything about DVD burning I’m having trouble with.
If anybody would be kind enough to give me a few pointers or starting hints I would really appreciate. A step-by-step guide for complete noobs such as myself would be heaven. Thanks in advance.

PS. I also realize that there may be or probably is already a thread somewhere in this forum that would answer al ot of my questions, so if anybody could link me to them also that would be great.

Welcome to the forum.

As you guess there are loads of guides available and some can be found here .

I also just found a useful one here which might get you though some of your initial problems. I’ve actually just bookmarked this myself as there’s some good stuff here.

It’s obviously easier to answer specific queries than something generalised like this but hopefully these guides will generate something specific.

One thing that is key to a good working copy is to use a quality DVD media like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden and burn at a sensible speed ignoring the advise that slowest is best. On a 16x burner burn 4x & 8x media at it’s rate speed and for 16x media try 12x and see how you go.