Troubles with downloading from Site



We have made a great homepage for
Elvis Presley fans it's cald "King Creole"
But we got a problem when you will try to
download something from our Site, like Winamp
-skins etc. Its taking to many time when someone is trying to get our skins, Who knows
what we are doing wrong, You can visit this site at :
Sorry for my bad English !


it;s very strange indead, i think it’s because your site is so freaking messy and full, first of all i hate elvis and i think your site really sucks, not only qua content but also the lay-out but ok…
i would suggest different sites for each sort of downloads, one site with backgrounds and another site for the skins, and don’t put such large pictures of the skins on the sites, it takes too long to load, just do small thumbnails, and don’t use so much javascript, that also slows the page and downloads done a lot. and it’s ugly too :frowning:
Just get rid of the flashy things and all.
Kee pit short, clear and easy and quick to use for your guests…

p.s. sorry voor het slechte engels :wink:


Sorry maar deze site is alleen
gemaakt voor echte Elvis fans
En die malen niet om een paar gifs
of iets dergelijks, ikzelf erger mij
aan het lange wachten voor er gedownd
kan gaan worden, en wat onze site verder
betreft hoe drukker hoe beter voor de echte