Troubles with CD-COPS v2.04 #3931

I have Troubles when trying to make a backup of a Danish Game called Bjergkobing Grand Prix. It is protected with CD-COPS v2.04 #3931. I’ve before used McLallo’s Decrypter on other CD-COPS protected Games to crack them. Those were original Games, that would not run in my DVD drive as well. But McLallo won’t work on this CD-COPS version.

CD-COPS is not that widely used, because of incompatibility with many CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drives. And this is my Problem. Only Solution seems to crack the damn Thing I’ve payed for. I could return it, but my Daughter wants to play it.

Anyone knows of a Utility to crack this damn CD-COPS thing? I want a backup of a legally paid for Game. The original installs fine, but after I’ve written the asked for Code, I just get an Errormessage.

Are there other CD-COPS Utilities out there than McLallo’s, that is able to deal with CD-COPS v2.04 #3931 and perhaps later versions? I would very much like to know. Remember, this is for a legally paid for game, that won’t even run in my System as it is now.

You can e-mail me at

LiteON 12102B (FW NS1I)
Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1502 (FW 1816)

Tried to make a Backup with CloneCD, but I only get an Errormessage.