Troubles with burning

Hey guys,

I’ve been lurking around here for ages, getting tonnes of help on how to make backups of my games. And the more advanced copy protection gets, the harder it makes my life. lol

Anyway, my newest problem is Splinter Cell 2. If I remember correctly it has SafeDisk 2*. I’ve read bits and peaces of info saying I need CloneCD profiles, fireburner and other software to back a 1:1 backup of all 4 discs.

I went through 4 cd’s trying to burn images at around 4 x speed with CloneCD with the standard game profile. No luck! I can’t even install the game without getting a Crylic Redundancy Check! :sad:

If anyone could give me a fairly simple guide on how to burn all 4 discs. I would be highly greatful… comeon, help out a n00b. lol


You also need the right hardware.
What burner are youusing?
What media?
What speed do you read/write?

Sorry, should have mentioned that.

Not sure if I have good hardware or not, I havn’t seen the brands been mentioned anywhere.

Reader: Samsung CDRW/DVD SM-352B
Burner: Imation CD-RW CDR-6S52

I ussually write around 4 x… but I think I accidently set it to max read/write speed when burning the first cd of SC2… would that have caused a CRC error?

Media: Imation CD R 80 min 700 mb. I thought imation cd’s would be more compatable with the imation burner.

You won’t have much luck with CloneCD for this version of SafeDisc (3.20 I Think). Have a try with Alcohol 120% and see how ya go. With your burner which I recall ain’t 2 sheep your chances are quite limited unfortunatly:sad:

Good Luck tho:)

Oh yeh regarding your problem;),

This is normally due to fast burning speeds, bad quality media, scratched CDs or crappy readers. With that protection the best idea is to burn at very low speeds (4x for example):slight_smile:

Good Luck!!!(Again;))

I had a feeling the CRC error has something to do with the speed at which I read/wrote the game image.

So I guess I could use Alcohol 120% and Alcoholer to set up the profiles etc?

Thanks anyway, I will keep trying!

@CybrerWiz: Nice avatar! :bigsmile: IMO FPS games should still have them. lol