Troubles px716



I’ve just bought a px716 tla0203 (hardwarerev02fw1.03).
I noticed a few problems and I’m wondering if it’s normal.

  • the plextools disc can only be installed from another drive then the px716.
  • Q-Check FE/TE Test doesn’t function: when I start the function, plextools gives me an error but the drive starts the test. During the test I can not open the drive. After the test, the led changes from orange to green and I can remove my test dvd+r but plextools gives no indication at all that the test has happened.
  • When I install fw1.04beta I can not scroll through most of the directorys of a few test dvd+rs in the px716. The explorer gives me errors all the time. After installation of fw1.03, I can scroll again through all the directorys.

I did those tests on 2 different bootdrives in removable racks (Maxtor 60GB/200GB) with w2k on it. They gave me both the same result.

All other tested things have done well. For example PIE/PIF tests are no problem at all. It looks a nice drive to me.

Are these problems only happening to me or is it a common problem?


stay away from 1.0c4 since it’s still a beta and doesn’t allow all the functions of the drive to operate properly…stick with firmware 1.03.

have you run the self-diagnostic test on the drive (read the manual to learn how)? sounds like it has issues with reading CDs (other have reported similar issues).


The FE/TE test is for blank discs only. Should work on both CDR and DVD. Since PI/POF works, it can read DVD. Try a stamped CD disc or written CD-R and check C1/C2 to see if the CDR side is okay.


tnx for the info,

Attached is the error I get for the FE/TE test.

I’ve checked out the atapi error codes on:

There are several copy progs on my system: Nero6.3/clonecd4.3.2.2/alcohol120%1.4.8

Are they perhaps changing the original windows Aspi driver?

Maybe I will try the self diagnostic test but I didn’t found the info in the manuals that it was also available for the px716.

see also:


C1/C2 test works also fine, see the attachment of a fujifilm 700MB 48x cd-r.
The tests with both blank cd-r discs or blank dvd+r discs are failing in the FE/TE test. As you can see on the picture of the previous post, the drive is running (till the end of the test) but plextools gives only an error.


have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling Plextools?

pg. 92 tells you how to perform the self-test diagnostics.


Thanks for the atapi error codes in cdr-zone.
According to the page, there are two possibilty: ASPI and media.

  • When you install Nero 6.3, it may change the ASPI drivers in your system. Try reinstalling original ASPI back. Right now I’m using:
    wnaspi32.dll version
    winaspi.dll version
    aspi32.sys version
    wowpost.exe version

  • What is the Media ID of the DVD?


Hello, I located the problem.

The px716 is ok but plextools gives a conflict with the intel application accelerator.

To find this I installed a clean w2ksp4 on an apart drive only with a whql nvidia video driver. After the installation of plextools, installed from the px716 itself, plextools worked without a problem.

After that I start to install software and drivers and after each installation I runned the fe/te test.

I installed chronologic:

  • Nero6.3.1.17/Clonecd4.3.2.2/Alcohol120% 1.4.8: worked fine with plextools
  • Directx 9.0c: doesn’t give a problem
  • other drivers are not giving a problem
  • After installation of the intel application accelerator (delivered by my board ASUS P4B533-E) the fe/te test failed

After the deinstallation of the intel application accelerator the fe/te test runned again fine.

I didn’t check the issue of the 1.04 beta firmware because of the announcement of a stabile firmareversion this month.


congrats, glad you solved your problem! definitely good info to know for fellow/future Plextools Pro users with Intel cpus.


The intel application accelerator 2.3 , Win XP and 845G Chipset works fine here.



On the original driver disk was the intel application accelerator 2.2.2 included. I’ve tried now the 2.3 but the results were even more worse. Not one function of plextools could work. The disc was wrong detected. After a deinstallation, everything worked again.


You may have trouble with Ultra-DMA-Mode. Use an 80-pin ATA-100 cable and make sure that the Plextor set as master and another devices does not conflict with the plextor at the same channel (may be remove it for testing).
The Windows-Driver may disable U-DMA if it won’t work, the Intel one may won’t do that.



Tnx for the info, but that part was already ok.

I’ve send the info to plextor support togheter with the link to this thread. Perhaps we will have the honor that they will post the solution. :wink: