Troubles in DVD Shrink



I’m having problemsmaking a copy of a DVD using DVD Shrink. I have both ‘The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy’ and wanted to burn copies for my own use (back-ups). I insert the movie in, open Shrink then open disc, analysis, and then back-up. When I did this with Bourne Identity, I would get an error message and it would stop ( I guess some new protection). So then I went and Re-author went through the steps, burned, and Voila, the movie plays on the computer and stand-alone. So, having done this, I, wanted to do the same for Bourne Supremacy. Follwed the same steps. Shrink Re-authored, saved to HD, and Nero burned the movie. The problem is, eventhough, I followed the same process, the movie, does not play on the computer or stand-alone. Using PowerDVD, it will play some of the previews, then go the screen where the menus are and when you click on them they do nothing. I know the movie is in there somewhere, but it does not play.

Now, there is a screen that pops in several languages saying ‘due to parental controls movie will not play.’ I have no parental control on Shrink or Nero or nothing.

So then, I insert the movie back in and open Shrink. The DVD shows that the movie is in there and the player at the bottom of Shrink plays it with no problems. The DVD shows around 4.3GB.

Is there something I did wrong?

I’m using Pio-DVR-A09XL FW 1.09/Nero Shrink

This thing is driving me nuts and any and all would be greatly appreciated.



use DVD Decryptor to rip first or newest version of AnyDVD. it’s new copy-protection scheme at work here.


Downloaded DVD Decryptor and I have a question, how do you compress the movie to fit in one SL DVD? Thanks.



you can use DVD Shrink or if you’d like to keep the film uncompressed and don’t mind switching discs you can use DVD Fab Free.

both can be found here along with guides:


I had this same problem last week and used DVD Decryptor. Go to this thread and read.