Troubles burning DL disc with Optorite drive



Hi, I have Optorite DD1203 drive, and used a hacked firmware to support DL discs. Lots of people have said it works. Here, after the firmware update, Nero InfoTool says DL is being supported,

but I can’t burn with either Alcohol 120% or Nero, saying the disc isn’t supported by my burner. I’m using Memorex DVD+R DL disc. Any ideas?

I’m also using an external enclosure, so I’m using USB 2.0 to connect it to the PC.


Use supported DL media: Verbatim DL (MKM 001).


So you’re saying that it’s the media’s fault? I wanted to get the Verbatim, but they were $25 for 3 of them. I bought a single Memorex instead. I guess I’ll have to try the Verbatim.