Troubled theater subscription service MoviePass attempts 2nd screening

Troubled theater subscription service MoviePass attempts 2nd screening.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Nobody would have held it against MoviePass for abandoning its plan to offer avid theatergoers an unlimited supply of tickets for $50 per month. After a botched debut this summer that saw theater chains such as AMC - purported allies, said MoviePass spokespeople - jumping from a ship they never actually boarded, the upstart company could have thrown in the towel. But it didn't. MoviePass announced this week that it's giving it another go - this time with an actual partner.

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“Would you pay a monthly fee for unlimited theater tickets?”


Haven’t been to a Theatre in years. Just can’t justify paying exhorbatant amounts of money for Parking and the “Privilage” of waiting in line to get in, waiting in line to get overpriced snacks or listening to some iTwitt carry on a phone conversation while sme moron kicks the back of your chair.
Even if it was Free the “Theatre Experience” just isn’t worth it.

Compare that to easing into my reclining chair, while sipping on 12 year old single malt and enjoying one of Cuba’s finest. If one needs to take a break for any reason just hit the pause button.