No problems anymore ,but unable to delete this post…

Download the latest from Nero, it will work. I am using it detects my 48125W and works fine there may be a newer version though.

Originally posted by tonni
I’ve updatet my 40125S(ZS08) to 48125W(VS04). this went well,but now Nero doesn’t “see” my burner??? i have nero 5.5 bundled, as it came with my burner! The burner is recognized by my computer and seen as the 48125W. I searched for a version of nero that would support the 48125W but there isn’t any??? Why didn’t i know this or wasn’t it mensioned(?) in one of the topics??? Excuse me for my englisch because i’m dutch!! If anyone can help me please E-mail me : because i read them every day!!
I would like to continue to use nero because i like this program.

tonni, I don’t want to sound mean, but please refrain from crossposting, it avoids unnecessary traffic and is unkind to fellow members and waste the time of those who have already given you answers.


just upgrade your NEro to v5582