Trouble with xbox



alright Mr. B and crustyteacup here is a problem for you xbox guru’s.

I have a xbox here that belongs to a friend of mine. I am the one that moded it with a xbit 1.6 and a 160 gb Maxtor hd. Bios X2 4983.06 with Slayers 2.6.

His son took the xbox and knocked it off the couch and now I am getting an error 5 which is about locking the hard drive. So I locked it and then it gived me an error 6 which is xbox can not unlock the hard drive.

Now what is weird with all of this is that the first thing I did was put the hd in my xbox with the same bios and the xbit 1.5 and everything was alright.

I have since done a full format and install. and that is still not working.

Got any ideas or suggestions??Thanks in advance



Motherboard damage, perhaps?


I am goi ng to pick up the original hd and take out the chip tommorow to eliminate all that too and see if it starts like normal with all factory parts


ok so i know now that it is not the mobo but it could be the chip.I used the original hd and took the chip out and everything runs fine. I am going to reflash the chip tommorow and see what happens.


You could also try a softmod for testing