Trouble with Verbatim Media

I have a nd-2500a dvd burner. I recently bought some verbatim media since i heard it was very good, it was “16x dvd-r azo recording die” with a shiny silver top. I’m getting a manufacturer ID of MCC 03rg20.
the problem is whenever i try to burn something i get the following error “cannot format media - unsupported write speed” from dvd decrypter and Nero gives me a similar error. When using NERO infotool, under supported speeds it has a blank. i have tried several of them and get the same error. does this sound like its a disk error? a drive error? or a firmware error?
also, my firmware is hacked, bi think it may have been “dangerous brothers” firmware(it was such a long time ago that i did this that i dont even remember) but nero infotool shows a firmware version 1.07 and rpc1 under region control.

has anyone had the same problem? any tips? i dont want to have to return them as returning things online is a hassle, but it may have to come to that. I Usually stick with the ritek disks.

if i upgraded from a hacked firmware to a newer version of nonhacked firmware, would it mess anything up?

It seems as though i have answered my own question, but ill post it incase anyone else runs across the same thing. i upgraded my firmware to a newer version from herrie and it fixed my problem.

I had a tiny problem with my Dynex IDE A 188 16X Dual layer. When i put a 16X Verbatim it would spit it back out so i downloaded the Firmware from the Dynex website & then they worked without a problem.

I would check with your DVDburner website to see if they have an update of New firmware 4 your burner & make sure its the right on.

It took me a good two to three hours 2 read up on it before i actually downloaded the firmware…
it better 2 be safe then sorry. you know what i mean??


yeah, i read up on it real quick, didnt really know much about firmwares, so i used binflash to back up my current firmware, then upgraded it.

I would crossflash it to an 2510 and use the latest patched firmware from Liggy & Dee. or Herrie.

whats the difference between Liggy & Dee’s and Herries? and what are the advantages of “crossflashing” it to a 2510? do i just find 2510 firmware and flash it with that?

Please read the NEC FAQ.