Trouble with VCD made from a CD-R



I made a VCD from a CD-R and tried to play it in my cheap ass Symphonic DVD/CD player WF104 that said it would play VCD’s on the box. But all that it does when i put it in the player is say that it can’t read it. Its there a crack that I can put on the disc to make the dvd player recognize and play the homemade vcd and where would I find one?


What do you mean “I made a VCD from a CD-R”? How did you make the VCD?


Usually if it doesn’t play… It’s not gonna.

I’d recommend:
a) Looking up the DVD Player at and seeing if anyone has gotten VCDs to play. When a player says Video CD, it could mean a factory pressed one, it doesn’t have to mean a burnt one.
b) Try CD-RW media. My old Panasonic would only play VCDs off a CD-RW.