Trouble with Vantec Nexstar NST-530S2 and LiteOn iHAS324-09



i’m attempting to run a liteon ihas324-09 in a vantec nextar nst-530s2 usb 2.0 enclosure. i can’t get my laptop to recognize the external device. i have an ide external enclosure that the laptop recognizes just fine, so i’m at a loss. perhaps the sata connection has something to do with it. anyway, any suggestions?



Try connecting the Vantec to a desktop machine and see if it works.


i connected it to my dad’s dell desktop, and it was not recognized. the dell has a ad-7200s installed, so i was hoping it would work. any other thoughts?



Did you buy the enclosure new, or used from someplace like eBay? Are you sure you connected the drive properly when you installed it into the enclosure? You do have the enclosure plugged in via the power cord?


i bought it new from the drive was purchased new sealed in retail box off of ebay. everything is connected correctly and securely. the enclosure powers on, and drive opens and closes just fine, but neither are being recognized by my laptop. i did the registry regedit high/low filter deletion thing since i’m running vista, but i still get nothing. as mentioned before, i have a ad-7200a installed in a vipower external enclosure, and it runs just fine.



ok, an update of sorts. i received an AD-7240s in the mail and installed it in the nexstar enclosure, and my laptop recognizes it without any issues. so, either the ihas324-09 is not compatible with the nexstar enclosure, or the ihas324-09 is defective? the liteon drive opened and closed just fine in the nexstar, so i’m leaning towards it being a compatibility issue. anyway, any suggestions in light of this new information?



another update. i took the LiteOn iHAS324-09 into work yesterday and installed it in a desktop. bios and windows recognized it with no issues, and the drive was able to read discs just fine. so, i’m guessing this is a compatibility issue. can anyone suggest a good sata external enclosure for my LiteOn iHAS324-09?