Trouble with Toshiba SD-R5272

First of all I hope this is the correct forum for this question, and I thank anybody who answers. Now onto the problem.

Just got a Toshiba SD-R5272, for my birthday and I plugged it in and installed Nero version think?). I used DvD-R Matrix 4x DvDs to try and burn some files. Now I’ve tried 4 times to burn onto a DvD, each time Nero seems to finish (Although it does Freeze for 30seconds before the DvD is ejected) and when I try to read it in my Toshiba burner or my DvD Drive neither see as if anything is written. When I try and use the same DvD to burn again, it wont let me because something has been written.

I have no clue what the problem is, I may have plugged it in wrong, or maybe the DvD-Rs are just a PoS, although it may just be that I am a moron. It looks like something has been written on the DvD-Rs and both drives can still read my Terminator 2 DvD.

If I’m leaving out any additional information you need, sorry I’ll add it if asked. Thanks.