Trouble with Tomb Raider 2001

Simply put, Can not copy,After transcode sequence unspecified error appears.Any help would be appreciated.

It’s PBM. Protection from Bad Movies. Be glad. :bigsmile:

Seriously, how damaged is your original disk? CRC induced failing, perhaps?

I just did a backup of that Tomb Raider 2001 Widescreen Disk, the movie right? I didn’t have any errors or problems. I did a straight out copy, no transcoding or anything, using CSS + DVD Region Free. It sounds like morbid1nder’s original disk is damaged or defective.

Im not sure if original is damaged or defected I’ll give her a run through and have to report back to you thanks.

Ahh I love people with a sharp wit. I’ll check on damaged disc thanks again.

I’ve backed up both TR movies (Region 2 versions) without any trouble…

(Whether they were worth backing up is a different question… :smiley: )