Trouble with the movie the invisible

i am using dvdfab and i am getting an error, i chose to ignore and it went a little further and then stopped completely. i have that and decrypter and shrink. any suggestions?

I made two copies today clone copies. But i used DVDFab as i just don’t like the newer version. There has’nt been any new copy protection in awhile and works great. Actually i copied today The Invisible, Planet Terror, Transformers, A Mighty Heart. I sure purchase alot of movies.

i am not sure what version i have, i know it is not the newest version. i am confused then. i also buy way to many movies. it is a serious addiction!!! i did not even try transformers as it is a dreamworks and the last dreamwork i had no luck with. i guess if i quit buying movies i could buy new software, hahaha… this is the first time i have had this kind of problem wiht dfab. so i am truly perplexed.

what burner are you using and what media?. you using SL -R’s or +R’s or DL. Click on the ? mark when DVDFab is open then click about will tell you what version you are using. You don’t need shrink etc with DVDFab it will do it all for you. Just tell DVDFab to make movie only will be your best bet until you get use to the program B4 using custom mode. The only thing i don’t like about movie mode in DVDfab is when the movie is over it restarts instead of ending but the quality is good. 1Click DVD Pro when you do movie only when the movie is over its over it does’nt keep replaying replaying replaying etc. But all the above movies i just copied have no special copy protection at all. Now im in U.S., If your not copy protection can differ here and there.

Here is the copy protection on that movie, Nothing special

Media is a DVD.
Booktype: dvd-rom (version 1), Layers: 2 (opposite)
Size of first Layer: 2081632 sectors (4065 MBytes)
Total size: 4062246 sectors (7934 MBytes)

Video DVD (or CD) label: INU0NNW1
Media is CSS protected!
Video Standard: NTSC
Media is locked to region(s): 1 4!

RCE protection not found.
Found & removed structural copy protection!
Found & removed invalid cell pieces!
Found & removed bogus title set(s)!
UDF filesystem patched!
Autorun not found on Video DVD.
Found & removed 8 potential bad sector protections!
Emulating RPC-2 drive with region 1!

thanks for the info. it is version i am burning on maxell +r’s on a gateway system. yep, southern girl here. i am in tennessee! maybe it is my version?

Ok southern girl, Update your version to a newer version. But it’s a piece a cake movie to copy. Download the trial version of DVDFab Pro. you can find it in the DVDFab section of this site or goto:
I see your not a youngster, I have a couple on you.

Hi gizmotoz,

Gash’s advice is right on the mark. Although there have been a few glitches in the last versions for some users, the latest version should work well for you.
I’m sure you’ll figure it out, but I believe gash means for you to install the latest Platinum version (not Pro). If he’s close to my age, he’s doing well just getting out a complete sentence… :bigsmile:
One more thing, in the configuration settings, be sure to disable PathPlayer.
This movie (and most others) don’t need it and PP has been causing some issues
PathPlayer (Fab) and AI Scanner (AnyDVD) are new and are having some growing pains.

LOL, Yanno between DVDFab and 1Click DVD Pro is why i get the Pro’s and Platinum versions mixed up. Your right!. When you hit those late 40’s the ole CRS sets in sometimes :iagree:

You think it’s bad now…wait for the late 50’s.
Now where the hell did I put my dementia medication… :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, It sux. I think of those days when in 20’s. But there never coming back…In this life time anyway!.

Well this is bad, i am early/mid 40’s so what is my excuse. i downloaded platinum and it run fine got to the point where it asked for a media to be inserted to write to and i put in a +r and it is not reading it… it has been one of those days! thanks so much for the assistance. it is great to have someone xplain that i can get, somedays i feel a touch blonde, no offense meant…

Sorry for your bad day…
First off, are you using more than one optical drive?
If so, be certain the source drive and the target drive are identified correctly.

Try this,
Just rip it to your hdd and confirm the rip went ok.
Under target, just pull down and browse to whatever location it is that you want, eg., [B]c:[/B]

For some help if you click on the little ? icon (in the upper right of Platinum) > dropdown, just click tutorial.
Any questions about how to set it up just post back and we’ll be glad to help

LOL, yeah I didn’t really have an excuse then either…
At 58, it gets a lot easier to blame it on age… :bigsmile:

just one drive. it is the temp file. i am putting dinner together and will read up after dinner and see if i can figure out my bad… thanks for all your help…