Trouble with The Benchwarmers

Recently I made copies of two new movies that I bought, The
Benchwarmers, and Walt Disneys The Little Mermaid. On Both
copies the movie will play and then stop momentarily. Some
Glitches are longer than others. I have the latest copies
of Any DVD and Clone DVD. Is there anything I can do to rid
my copies of these annoying glitches? I am using Clone DVD2 Ver and Any DVD Ver Thanks for any help

Twobits -

Usually Freezing and similar problems during playback viewing is cause by the use of Poor Quality Blank DVD Media and/or old outdated obsolete DVD Burner Firmware or a combination of both.

Using a utility software program similar to DVD Identifier ( or DVDInfo ( to obtain the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) of your blank DVD Media and Manufacture/Model/Firmware of your DVD Burner post this information and Forum Members will review and advise.


Agreed. You must be using junky media.

I had simular troubles when I made a noob mistake of buying the cheapo memorex medium. I have gone verbatium sence that one time, and never looked back.