Trouble With Sony DW D22A

I have recently purchased a Sony DW D22A DVD Burner.

I am currently running an ASUS A8V Deluxe MOBO, AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Processor and when i added on the DVD Burner it was unable to see any DVDs except for one. When i went to burn a dvd it could not see the DVD-R.

The CD Burner works fine and i have been able to successfully burn cds using the SOny Burner.

What could possibly be the problem??


Hi, and welcome.

What kind of DVDs are you trying to get it to read? If it can’t read store-bought pressed DVDs, then you probably got a defective unit.

Could you post a screenshot of some Nero CD-DVD Speed reading tests (click the “Start” button in Nero CD-DVD Speed) of a disc that you could not read? Instructions for posting such a screenshot can be found here: [thread]119042[/thread]

i cant seem to get Nero CD Speed to work

i put in different store pressed dvds and blank dvds and it wont do anything.

Could you provide a Nero InfoTool report? Click on the diskette button in InfoTool to get a text file report, and then attach the text file to your post… does anything happen when you insert the disc? As in does the drive spin up and down struggling to read the disc? Or does it just do nothing?

Also, here’s a request that’s unrelated to your problem: I see that you have the BYS2 firmware. This is the first time I’ve seen anyone with this firmware, and the only DW-D22A firmware that is publicly available is the old BYS1. So could you please make a backup copy of your drive’s firmware (using LtnFW ( and then e-mail this firmware to dhc014? Thanks! :wink:

When i put a disc in, the drive tries very hard to read it, it starts spinning very fast for a little while and then it stops.

i will send the new firmware once i figure out how.

thanx for your help.

Could it be that i need to flash the drive with Lite On Firmware. i have seen that as a possible solution, wondering if it would work.


What kind of disc are you trying to read? A store-bought pressed DVD? In which case, either the DVD is defective (pretty unlikely, but not impossible) or the drive is defective. A DVD that you burnt with this drive? In which case the disc was not burned properly (could be caused be a number of reasons) or the drive is defective.

If the drive is indeed defective, flashing to a new firmware will not help! The only solution in the case of a defective drive is to return the drive for a replacement.

i have only tried reading store-bought pressed DVDs.

So judging from what i have sent, you think the drive is defective?

Attached Devices
Description : Master: SONY DVD RW DW-D22A
Type : CD-Rom Drive
DMA : On
Autorun : On

that was taken from the infotools report, why is it showing up as a cdrom drive??

Re: Tried on store-bought

Yes, I believe you got a lemon. Return it for a replacement (could you please dump the firmware first, though? :wink: thank!)


That’s normal.