Trouble with sony dvd-r accucore in burn movies

I’m facing problems with burn files to sony dvd:sad:

More [I]details[/I] please…Have you tried other media?..What tools/apps?.burn speed? etc etc etc…

Welcome to the forum baijucjosef. Could you be a bit more specific in exactly what problems you are having?

Do the disks not burn completely? Or do you get stuttering when you play back the movie? Or does it only have problems very near the end of the movie?

We usually recommend Verbatim brand (look for AZO designation on the label of the Verbatim disks). Don’t buy the Verbatim “Life Series” disks.

We also recommend Taiyo Yuden disks, which are more easily found online than in local stores. You can sometimes find them under the JVC Premium brand, though they don’t seem to have wide distribution. If you are in the US, you can buy them online at or

Another thing to try is to slow down your burn speed. If these Sony disks are rated at 16x, try burning them at 8x.