Trouble with Ritek Printable CDRs

i brought a spindle of 100 printable ritek CDRs from SVP and im having problems with them.
i tried burning a few with my NEC ND2500, and about 2 out of 3 failed verification.
im now using a 52x Plextor Premium CD Writer (which i got today) this always slows the disc down to 24-16x because of the media.
I’ve tried burning the same disk twice at 52x and 20x and tested the C1/C2 errors

for the 52x burn i get:
C1 Avg 4.3
C1 Max 129
C1 Total 22080
C2 Avg 0.4
C2 Max 40
C2 Total 2090
CU Avg 0.1
CU Max 70
CU Total 787

for the 20x burn i get:
C1 Avg 4.9
C1 Max 186
C1 Total 24676
C2 Avg 1.2
C2 Max 176
C2 Total 5973
CU Avg 0.1
CU Max 82
CU Total 818

i dont know much about these error tests, but i know i shouldnt be seeing that many C1 errors and shouldnt be getting any C2 errors.
comparing this to a TY disc i burnt:
C1 Avg 1.6
C1 Max 23.0
C1 Total 7569
C2 = 0
CU = 0

has anyone had any experiance with these ritek disks?
and can you suggest any reliable printable CDR media other than TY which costs a little too much for my liking.


Hmmm…The results I have been getting with RITEK CD-Rs on my LiteON LTR-52327S have been nothing short of excellent…

(KProbe scan of TDK 48x written at 52x attached)

…and here’s a KProbe scan of another TDK 48x disc, this time written at the maximum speed of 32x on my NEC ND-2500A. I’m pleased with how consistantly these RITEK discs perform, no matter what drive I burn them on and what speed I burn them at.

Maybe you have lower grade discs?


In my experiences, Ritek makes crappy printables. That goes for both DVD and CD media.

I have to disagree with you there, Hawseman. Although RITEK does make some rubbish printable media from time to time (what manufacturer doesn’t?), the majority of their products seem to be more than decent, given that I’ve been through many different batches of RITEK printable CD-Rs and DVD+/-Rs and there are more positive comments about RITEK than negative on VideoHelp. However, it seems that RITEK has recently been allowing more and more sub-standard discs (especially DVD-Rs) through their quality control processes, and therefore, more people are experiencing problems with these discs. Their CD-R media seems as good as ever though…


TV…I greatly respect your advise…if my Pioneer wasn’t an A06 I’d have the same dvd burners as you.

Granted, I’m not a Ritek fan, their media is okay. The die is “A1”. I find that white matte printables test much worse than branded. This is not limited to Ritek specifically. It seems many manufacturers have balancing issues due to the matte layer. Phatphug’s errors are more typical of what I find comparing branded to matte printables (here in the States anyway).

I could have been a little harsh with my “crappy” statement, but I expect consistent Kprobe results between different types of media (ie. printables, branded, unbranded, etc.).

i have to assume its the media, as i have now tried it on the following drives:
NEC ND 2500
Plextor Premium
a 48x Liteon combo
an old Liteon 40x burner
an old Pioneer A05
(i have a lot of writers :wink: heh)

i also have tried 2 batches of ritek cdrs (some which my friend ordered, and my own) both had similar errors rates… although his came out slightly better i think, but still had C2 errors.

ive ordered some verbatim datalifeplus, i expect these should produce better results :slight_smile:

i noticed terminalvelocd’s discs were from TDK, i guess these are probably a higher quality. the ones im using are from Datawrite