Trouble with Plextor 716A and Verbatim 16x (MCC 004)

In contrast to your test of the 716A and Verbatim 16x where the quality was good all the way I get disks that will not play OK on some cheap DVD-players, and the PIE rate on the outer part of the disk is WAY to high :frowning:

Is there a problem with my drive (since the one tested here did not do that?)

See first picture link (to large for attachment) for graphs from Plextools (did not get PI/PO tests to work in CD-DVD speed with my 716A, the options there were greyed out, so I had to do the tests in Plextools Pro):

Also I tried to burn new copies of the disk I had trouble playing at 12 and 8x.
2nd picture link shows the results of that. Any comments are welcome :slight_smile:

It could be the drive or it could be the discs. Run an FE-TE test on one of the blanks from that batch and post the results here.

OK, here is the test result. It said it is OK for max speed, and of course the PIE rate IS below 280, but it also is VERY high at the end (not as in your test of the 716A), but I have seen other test with the same pattern.

At 12x and 8x there is no higher PIE at the end so I can use that.
But I was a bit curious if there was something wrong with my drive :slight_smile:

BTW: Plextools mentions that PowerRec uses the FE/TE test results.
Are they saved to the drive automaticly? Or how does this work?

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I’ve gotten high PIE at the end of discs with one of my 716A drives using the same batch of MCC004 that my other ones burn fine, so it could very well be the drive itself, but if 12x is working I’d say go that route.

I personally think it’s the best advice in this kind of situation. :iagree:

@12X you don’t loose much time (less than a minute I think, but I’m not familiar with the Plexs’ strategies…), and with most drives one almost always gets better results than @16X. So it’s often the easy, no-headaches way… :cool:

With my 4163B and PX-755SA, I see no advantage of 12x over 16x when burning MCC004.

Is there different firmware on the 716A that burns OK at 16x and the other one?
Or does this mean that there are different specs for the 716A drives?

BTW: In my tests 16x took 5:58 while 12x too 6:30 (half a minute extra). 8x took 8:11 (but of course, if PowerRec finds something, bad dye etc, speed drops all the way down - but after all that is better than ending up with an unreadable disk).

The same firmware is on all three drives; just chalk it up to individual differences.

issues with playback when PIE/F scans are within limits usually stems from high jitter - the 716 produces relatively high jitter values when burning at 16x. your TA tests look ok, but stuttering/chopiness/pixelation is usually from jitter being out of spec.