Trouble with Plextor 708a

So I just got my new 708a drive, hooked it up last night. It takes FOREVER to rip or read anything. And the same for burning.

I have tried holding down the button with no disc in, it blinks, I put in a disc… no change. Really weird.

I have run the nero cd/dvd speed tests, they all look like the tests on the review before the faster speed was enabled.

When I was burning at 8x it was taking about 1 minute per 1%!!

I upgraded the firmware… it is just weird I don’t know how to change any of this. If anyone has any suggestions let me know.

Windows XP
Pentium 2.5
1gig pc2700 ram
Asus P4G8x Deluxe Mobo

Hi and welcome to our forum! :wink:

Checked if DMA is enabled?

Go to Device manager --IDE/ATAPI controllers --find the IDE channel it’s connected to and check if it’s set to DMA if available and not PIO only.

Do that as a start :wink:

well I didn’t have much time to fiddle with it this morning before work… But it is set for DMA if available, but says Current Transfer Mode: PIO Mode.

the jumpers are automatically set for ultra DMA and I checked in the bios PIO was set for 4 and DMA 2 (not quite sure what these are for but going to go read more about it)

I had thought that it might be a dma thing but I was too tired last night to really think clearly.

Here at work my drives say Ultra DMA Mode 2, but the drive doesn’t switch to that at home.

Any suggestions?

Oh ya PS thanks for the help, great forum by the way, has answers to a lot of my questions. And a good reveiew too :slight_smile:

Yes, try to remove the IDE channel it’s connected to in your device manager (just delete it). Then reboot and let your computer re-install it automatically. Now check again and set it to DMA if availible if it’s not already set to that.

Did that work?

If that did still not work you may check how it’s connected (Secondary Slave is most bound to DMA problems, so try to avoid connecting it as secondary slave).

i’ll have to check it when I get home. It is the slave drive on the second IDE channel, the master is my plextor 48x24x48 cd burner, but I could just switch them.

I’ll fiddle with some things when I get home from work. Thanks for the suggestions!

ok. So I removed the secondary IDE channel (also switched the burner to master on it), then windows installs a new driver, well it installs then prompts me saying the driver has not passed windows testing etc. I install that and now the advanced tab is gone and I cannot check to see how the drives are running. Nero’s tools says DMA is turned on though.

So I tried to burn a dvd, completed after an hour, and then it wouldn’t play.

Tried burning with Nero 6.011 and DVD X Copy Xpress.

At least with Nero I can see the files I put on there and open them seperately but PowerDVD gives an error and won’t play the dvd. DVD X Copy the disk isn’t even recognized.

Don’t know if this has anything to do with it but when I run the nero InfoTool it says the XP ASPI installation is corrupted. Even though I have reinstalled them a couple of times.

Also when I try and run the Nero CD/DVD speed tool with a regular dvd (Chicago) it gives me an error:

This is just a mess for me so far, ugh.

I can’t really help much, but you will need to authenticate the DVD before you can do a CD Speed test. This is done by playing the DVD in a software DVD Player for a few seconds before trying the test.

yeah I figured that out. The dvd was locked until I played it with a dvd software, after that the test ran find and was the same as the test in the review. Still all the dvd’s I burn end up as coasters and are unreadable by windows… it is strange. I am gonna take the drive into work on monday and test it out there, if it works there I will just use it there, just annoying me. Takes 1.5 hours to copy and burn a dvd and then it doesn’t work.

I bought this drive because it was supposed to be fast… ugh more annoyance so far. Oh well.

I’d exchange the bad drive for a new one from wherever you bought it.

I think it’s your comp dude. If it says your ASPI install is corrupt, you’re going to have a lot of problems. You REALLY need a fresh install of windows.

I also don’t think the problem you’re experiencing are the drive’s fault. Your problem is related to DMA and this can be caused by a number of things. In our FAQ there is a section on this. This thread might also help you out. Good luck!