Trouble with Pioneer K15-RA


I’m writing from Italy so pls excuse me for eventual syntax errors.

A friend of mine gave his NB to me to restore it. He told me that the burner wasn’t working. I restored the entire SO using the Acer Ghost image since it was a mess.

After that I upgraded all the drivers.

Then I tried the burner, but if I test it with Nero CD/DVD speed, i have this

This is a CD

And This is a DVD

Before upgrading the Intel Drivers the situation was worse:

I had the same EXACT problem with a K16 from a Vaio some weeks ago but I do not recall how I fix it!

I found on this forum to remove the device from device list, reboot, and then unistall drivers.

Done, both on CDROM and HD. Both CDROM and HD are Ultra DMA and on the same channel.

I read about graphic acceleration… why should graphic acceleration should interfere?

As you can see from graphs, the buffer goes to zero in the same moment. I can’t understand. My Mathusita burner from my Asus NB is not giving aby trouble. Perhaps this behaviour is normal?

I understood only recently that I cannot upgrade the INF drivers from Intel running the utility but I have to do it manually… Perhaps I upgraded the drivers in the wrong way?

Can you help me?

Thanks and have a nice day


Look at the used write-method: Z-CLV.

That is the key.

Thanks Chef

Ok, buffer should normally drop to zero where speed changes or when speed is adjusted.

I saw this but it is not comparable with my DVD burner.

The burner in my Asus NB is a z-CLV but has not so many drops…

However, do you think that the graph I post are normal?


Looks normal to me.
Its not only the writemethod, also the media and its quality counts.

Also, check out the write methods info:

Well, Thanks for your time!


Here’s a test of my Matshita, same media of the other tests.
I had some programs running in backgroud as you can see with CPU load up to 100% but despite this, my buffer never drop under 8% and in some limited circumstances.

My HD is a 7200rpm one, the other is a 5400rpm one.



If the tool shows the info correctly, then its a thin I currently cannot explain.

Sorry, what do you mean with “thin”? Are you referring to matshita or K15?


“g” got missed.

I meant “thing”.

Ah, ok!! :smiley:

I checked on vocabulary and didn’t find any explanations! :wink: