Trouble with Pioneer DVR-111D



I have a Pioneer DVR-111D in my Pc. I would like to play a DVD from a video store .
I can play A music Cd and I can play DVD’s that people have copied.
Do anyone know if this model will play a DVD from a video store?
When I use a DVD someone burnt It will open a Program called POWER DVD, ( But POWER DVD WILL NOT PLAY THE MOVIE FROM THE VIDEO STORE BUT WILL PLAY THE COPY SOME GAVE ME). I tried running Windows Media player ,That didn’t work, I downloaded a program called VLC. I WOULD LIKE TO TRY VLC BUT I ALSO DON’T KNOW HOW TO CHANGE VLC TO MY DEFAULT WHEN I INSERT A DVD.


@ grforce,

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Unfortunately stating “PowerDVD Will Not Play The Video From The Video Store” does not provide any meaningful information for Forum Members to be able to analyze exactly what is occurring. For Forum Members to provide assistance you need to explain in detail exactly what happens when attempt to use PowerDVD to play/view the undisclosed “DVD from a video store”. If any Error Notifications are displayed provide the exact complete narrative of the Error Notification.

The fact that your Pioneer DVR-111D is able to view “Some” DVD Videos indicates that that your Pioneer DVR-111D is functioning correctly and indicates that your problem lies somewhere in your video viewing/playback software program.

You ask “How Do I Change My Default”. Unfortunately I do not understand exactly what you are referring to. Perchance are you referring to setting/changing your Pioneer DVR-111D and/or PowerDVD Software “Region Code” setting?



Thanks for the reply:
I put the movie in the PIONEER DVR-111D .Nothing happened. [B]I opened MY Computer,doubled clicked on Pioneer DVR icon D: Nothing Happened.
I removed The movie and replaced it with a copy of a movie, Power DVD will open and play the copy of the movie

What can my trouble be


This just goes into a direction which is not allowed by the rules of this forum.

Set the correct region for your drive and try again. If it wont work, then you cannot play this DVD.


HI All
Well I got the DVD Movie to play when I open NERO. Is there any way to have it set up that when I put a DVD in the player that it would open NERO and play. Insteat of having to go and Find NERO and then put in the movie


Have you tried starting Power DVD to see if it’ll play then instead of waiting for Power DVD to open?


Yes, double click on My Computer and right click on the drive and then click on properties and then click on Auto Play and then choose the program that you want it to start with :bigsmile: