Trouble with philips 1640p



I can´t get my brandnew philips 1640p to burn a dvd.
First the burning process stopped, then i changed the dvd brand and now nero just freezes at the burn window…
I´m a bit lost as this is my first dvd burner. The firmware is 2.5 and DMA is on.
My processor is an AMD Athlon 1.2 Ghz with 512 MB sdram. The Philips is the secondary Master with a my old plextor cdwriter as slave.
Any help is apreciated…


Hi - remove the Plex & see what happens


Welcome :slight_smile:
Does your motherboard have a VIA Apollo KT133 chipset ? Post the text output of nero infotool as text file attachment so we can have a look at your config.


I removed the plextor drive and now Nero freezes when hitting the burn button :frowning:
I attached the infotext, thx for the help so far! :slight_smile:


The disc brand is Prodisc R03 btw (DVDR+ 8x)


Remove your ASPI 4.71 layer with killaspi.bat from the ForceASPI package and use ASPI 4.60 instead.


You may wish to find and remove 3rd party IDE drivers on your system. Those are the same brand as the motherboard chipset manufacturer. Ali, Via, Sis, Nividia, Intel and more make this software (find out who’s chips you got). If removing the IDE driver software doesn’t help, try updated chipset support software from the chipset maker’s website.

Is the drive on an 80 wire cable (recommended) or an obsolete 40 wire cable?

If there was a previous optical drive, previously master of the second IDE channel, you may need to reset your CMOS if the previous optical drive did not use UDMA33.
After resetting CMOS, boot directly into the bios (be tapping the del key) and choose “Optomized Defaults” as the first step.
While in the bios, set any IDE channels in use to Auto Detect with Auto Type and any that are not in use to “none”.
Turn off any onboard features that you have duplicated with upgrade cards. For instance, if you have a Soundblaster, then turn off the onboard sound chip.
If you do not use Com/serial ports or Lpt1/printer ports, then you can turn those off as well for a better-running computer.
My own computer had to have a CMOS clear in-between a Sony DVD writer and the BenQ DVD writer before it would match-up with the BenQ (similar to your Philips).

Dma is on. Well, good. But, is that Multi-Word DMA 2 which indicates that UDMA is shut off at system board level? Or, is that UDMA 2 which indicates that it should be working?

Also perform a test by saving your Nero output into an ISO file. Use DVDdecryptor or RecordNow to burn the ISO file onto the disc. You can also use DVDShrink to create ISO files. Anyway, burning software sometimes differs in performance. DVDDecryptor and DVDShrink are free downloads, so you can easily use them to test your drive without Nero as a variable.


Thanks for the suggestions!
I used the aspi tool to switch to aspi 4.60 wich lead to first inprovements :slight_smile:
The burn process started and it looked real good until it reached 25%, then nero gave me a failure notice but no freeze, so things are getting better i guess…
The cable is an 80 wire one, the bios settings are sorted (aûto-detect, all unused devices turned off). I will download now another burning software and give it another try.
DMA should be UDMA2, according to bios


I removed the plextor drive and now Nero freezes when hitting the burn button

  • the out-of-place driver to be seen in you neroinfo file appear to be:

Lower Filters

Driver : PxHelp20
Description : Px Engine Device Driver for Windows 2000/XP
Version : 2.02.62a
Company : Sonic Solutions

  • this is from an incomplete uninstall of Prassi/Veritas/Sonic RecordNow or from another Sonic product which uses it - like Scenarist.

The hassle is [so far] pretty clearly with Nero, tho’ not with its WNASPI32.DLL, which is the current downloadable version: can you install DVDDecrypter & see whether this will work with your 1640?

  • also worthwhile updating Nero to - I assume it ain’t an OEM version, yes?


hm how do i get rid of this sonic driver?
I use the Nero SE version that came with the drive.
I just downloaded DVDdecrypter but it seems the program can only burn images or ripped movies and i don´t have either on my hd. I´m trying to burn a databackup, is dvddecrypter capable of doing that? I don´t really know how to create a big .iso file to be honest :slight_smile:


ok i removed the sonic drivers and reinstalled nero, still no change :frowning:
I try to create a dvd compliant iso file now and test dvddecrypter


yay i managed to burn a video dvd with nero :smiley:
As soon as i try to burn a data disc tho nero still freezes


What version of Windows are you running voltron if you have 2K or XP try checking out the event log for any system errors it may have flagged could lead to the cause of the problem/application.

Event log is in
Control Panel->Adminstrative Tools->Event Viewer


i got it working now :slight_smile:
seems i was not patient enough to wait for nero to cache all files to be burnt…after a few minutes of freezing the burning process started finally.
Thanks a lot for the help guys!