Trouble with packet writing. Will firmware upgrade help

I have a Lite-on SOHW-1213S +/-RW recorder, and XP and have tried to use InCD4 and Sonic DLA to format Sony DVD+RWs (I uninstalled InCD4 before trying DLA). Both these programmes will format the disc, then I can drag and drop, or copy and paste data(.jpeg and .psd files of digital images off my hard drive). When I have finished , before I take the Disc out of the recorder, I can delete or rename them. BUT, after the disc has been removed and re-inserted, all the files are then Read-only and I can’t delete or alter or add anything else to the disc. I particularly want to use this system as I have a large collection of digital images I want to be able to put on RW DVDs and go back to them later and delete, alter, add.
I have been posting on the Newbie’s forum and have had a lot of helpful suggestions about the software, none of which have actually helped. So now I think maybe I should upgrade the firmware for my drive. I have read all the FAQs and lots of threads on this forum and I’m now really baffled and scared to try.
I’ve downloaded the firmware upgrade from Lite-on, and the instructions, which seem simple. But all the stuff I’ve read seems to say you need Omnipatcher and something called EEPROM and Flashfix etc and it all sounds quite difficult and very easy to make things worse.
So please can someone tell me clearly what I should do.Please talk to me in simple language, I’m sorry but I don’t understand computer-speak, all I know about is photography.

The 1213S is (was) a dog - predecessor to the 1633S/1653S abd firmware updates stopped well before it ever got to be adequate.

All the “patcher” tools you mention tend to be used for the gentle art of persuading the 1213S that it would really like to be a 1633S or 1653S instead, while the EEPOROM Utility can now burn that change into the EEPROM.

It sounds more like the packet writing utilities are failing to pick up the media as writable on subsequent uses.

Do you have any game backup tools installed (Alcohol, CloneCD etc.), as they can interfere with media detection?

Sounds like you have a perfect need for DVD-RAM. DVDRW is in itself pretty unreliable, and when you ad packet writing the problems compound.

Your best option (costs aside) is the LG 4163B and a few RAM discs with InCD 4.

Upgrading your 1213 to a 1633/53 might have an effect, or might not. The odds are against it helping. In any case, I sure hope you have backups of your images apart from storing them on DVDRW discs. RAM is far more reliable, but still not perfect.

If you want to stay with the DVDRW, suggest you stick with multisession writing in Nero. Just put the photos in folders with dated names, and add new dated folders to each session, being sure to import the previous sessions to each new session. Then you will have a nice “time machine” disc with all previous versions of the files included. You can’t delete stuff this way, but it’s a lot more reliable.