Trouble with Operation Flashpoint

I’m trying to back-up Operation Flashpoint. I ran a ClonyXL scan and it came up with “SafeDisk V2 overburn” and it says that this copy protection is very new. The suggestions it gave me were to set the Read speed to 4x, Read retries to 3 and Error corrections to none. I set everything to the way it suggested and all it does is read. I waited 20 and the buffer never even got to 1%…it just kept reading. I have a TDK velo 241040 re-writer and I tried both the CD rom and the re-writer to back-up and it didn’t work. :confused:

operation flashpoint use safedisk2 and fade copy protection.
i used clonecd to make a backup of the disk and it seems to work fine.
i have a plex24x burner.

settings i use to make disk were:

read speed max
fast error skip

thats all i selected for reading the disk.

burn settings were:

16x burn speed

burn proof/just link

always close last session

try these settings and see if it works better.
hope this helps.


Error correction should be Hardware or Software! Turning off EC is there only for older or crappy devices that DO NOT support EC. If your TDK works with Hardware - stick with that!

How do I know if it’s software or hardware?

I get to back it up and burn it, but when I try to play the copy it doesnt work. I insert the cd and it brings up the first menu fine, but when I choose play it sits there for a while and asks me to eject the re-insert the cd to restart the application, I do that and its back to square one. How do I get ClonyXL to tell CloneCD exactly what to do. :confused:

ah true true futureproof.
totally forgot about error correction.

i left the settings for that:

error correction set to none.

read retries set to 3.

I have a Toshiba dvd and a yamaha 2200cdrw. What is the best way to copy Operation Flashpoint?? THanks for all who reply…


A Toshi Read: FES is hardware & none (zero). Subs are NOT required.

An SD2 Writer: burn proof/just link & close last session

No Yammy can correctly encode regular bit patterns - sorry…no SD2. There’s other posts/forums/sites devoted to cracks/patches/blockers (but hey, that’s no fun!)

Reading with a writer - most writers should be first tried on Hardware. Set EC no higher than 3, though the Plex, TEAC, LG, & LiteOn SD2 writers need no EC (i.e. “0”).

Invest in a Toshi as a reader if you don’t have a Plextor PX-W2410A because it’s an OK reader (& is worth a LiteOn & a Toshi together!). The LiteOn 24102B is not a bad reader with at least FW 5s07 - it’s just a bit painful with the error sectors up to 10K.

The Hardware i have is Toshiba DVD SD-M1502 Yamaha 2200E CDRW…

Originally posted by rwh57
The Hardware i have is Toshiba DVD SD-M1502 Yamaha 2200E CDRW…
Like said before your Yammie can’t handle SafeDisc 2 :frowning: Please check out this article for a possible sollution.

I’m guessing then the Acer 2010A should work fine then??

In short: ACER can handle SafeDisc 2.

cool thanks for your help

btw, this site will tell you if you need an 80’ disc. It is the case with many SD2 titles


Thanks for the link. I use 700 mb cdr’s for all my burning.

Indeed a very handy link… Added it to my favs :wink: