Trouble with NERO and Clone cd

Hello all!

New here , I have a currant Problem that possibly someone may be able to help me with .
I recently puirchased a Sony DVD burner and it came with NERO .
I just recently discoverd that I could not Burn a file using Clone CD.
I can burn it, and the Clone Program says it was a successful burn, but when I incert the Disk into the CD rom it wont work?
It will spin and will not allow me to explore the disk.
I seem to remember this being associated with a Software conflict issue sometime back.
I tried uninstalling Nero to see if that was the case, but when I complete the uninstall my DVD drive and ASUS drive disspaear form teh List under my COmputer.
I am lost .

does anyone have an Idea whats going on ? and is there a possible fix or work around?

Please E-mail me at SILVRBAK82@AOL.COM

Any help would be appreciated .

                                                     Charlie Michael
                                                       SPD Retired

PS. the Drive in question is an Asus 5224A burner

Can you burn in Nero?
Remove all software except Nero for starts! And Safeboot and remove extra hardware in device manager! Do not delete anything you are not sure about! Go into your BIOS and setup your IDE channels and drives!

Yes, it Burns Fine in Nero, When your talking about going into safe Mode, are you suggesting I go there to remove NERO ?
Also in the BIOS I think your refering to telling the machine to locate /recognise the drive correct? so I know im on the same page .

Safe boot is to remove extra hardware you do not have!

Rgr 10-04 Thanks